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Montreal's Just For Laughs Ranked #3 Best Festival In The World, TIFF Not Even On The List

And we were the only Canadians to make the list!
Montreal's Just For Laughs Was Just Ranked The #3 Best Festival In The World

Let's run through some of the rankings Canada has accumulated over the year; #10 spot for sexiest nationality, #1 in the world for best quality of life, and ranked #2 in the world for most cocaine use. Ok, let's maybe forget about that last one.

But of all the cities in Canada, Montreal often stands out above the rest. And it looks like the guys over at Big 7 Travel happen to agree with us.

In a recent article covering the 50 Best Festivals in the World for 2020, Montreal's very own Just for Laughs made it into the top 50 finalists. We didn't even just squeeze onto the list, we were ranked as the number three festival worldwide to add to your bucket list for next year. 

The international travel company took a look at a number of factors like "unique entertainment, local traditions, reader suggestions, and pure, all-round riotous fun." 

The other festival finalists cover everything from comedy and music to food and film. These are the type of festivals you plan a trip around, not that you stumble upon. There was a lot of serious competition, but should we ever be surprised when Montreal makes a 'best of' list?

There were only two festivals to beat out Just For Laughs. In the #1 spot was Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland, a three day New Year's Party. And coming in second place was Snowbombing in Mayrhofen, Austria, a week-long festival of music, boarding, igloo and forest parties, comedy and a ridiculous amount of fondue. 

Sandwiching Montreal as #4 on the list was the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York. While the name of the event is pretty self-explanatory, I guess this is what "unique and riotous fun" factors mean. 

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Montreal was the only Canadian city to make the list. The USA landed over 11 spots in total. But with contenders like Mardi Gras, Burning Man, SXSW, and Coachella it really isn't that surprising. 

Just for Laughs is the largest comedy festival in the world that welcomes 2 million people every year in July. There are now multiple shows around the world, including Toronto, Chicago, Sydney, and London. 

But don't take our word for it, check out all of the finalists in Big 7's bucket list of the 50 Best Festivals in the World for 2020

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