The Last Remnants Of Montreal's Dunkin' Donuts Are Disappearing Forever

Farewell, old friend.
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Montreal's Last Dunkin' Donuts Remnants Are Disappearing Forever
  • This week, Montreal said goodbye to its last restaurant that used the infamous Dunkin' Donuts' original menu.
  • The restaurant Deli Donuts was a home away from home for many Verdun residents, who are saddened by their favourite spot's closure and are left wondering what could possibly replace it. 

Verdun residents were greeted with sad news this week after borough mayor Jean-Francois Parenteau announced the official closure of Deli Donut on Wellington Street. The iconic Verdun hangout was once one of the last remaining Dunkin' Donuts franchises in Quebec. Dunkin' Donuts ceased operations in the province in 2018. In the '90s, there were over 200 Dunkin' Donuts locations in Quebec. 

After just over a year of existence, Deli Donut shuttered its doors on Tuesday morning. While nothing on the outside told you it used to be a Dunkin' Donuts, inside, the familiar branding was still used. In fact, Deli Donut still used the Dunkin' Donuts menus, with some prices changed, of course. 

The location was a popular gathering spot for many retired Verdunites. Many are saddened to finally see it close. When Dunkin' Donuts closed after more than 15 years of operation, there were plans to open a store or another café in the location. Deli Donut took over instead but unfortunately, didn't last long. 

Now, in the face of an ever-changing neighbourhood, Verdun residents must now find a new haunt.

As Wellington Street rapidly gentrifies, more small businesses will have to adapt to a constantly evolving neighbourhood lest they share the same fate as Deli Donut. 

Borough mayor Jean-Francois Parenteau announced the closure Tuesday on his Facebook page.

He mentions that the location was once used as a filming location for Claude Demers's D'ou je viens. Many commenters are decrying the end of an era in Verdun and worry that a big chain will rent the location.

According to the mayor, there are no plans for any store or restaurant to open at the location right now. Some worry that it will be torn down to make way for condos. 

Many residents hope that, despite the closure, the location will become a new café or restaurant that is able to maintain the neighbourhood gathering spot vibe. 

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According to a Global News report, Deli Donut still used the old Dunkin' Donuts cups and boxes until they ran out. If you kept yours, you officially own a piece of history. 

There were only three Dunkin' Donuts in all of Canada and all were in Quebec before they ceased operations. The one on Wellington was the very last to be shut down. 

Verdun has undergone many changes in the past few years, and many believe that this spells the end of the neighbourhood as they know it. 

There's no word on what will replace the beloved Deli Donut, but for now, the building will stand empty, as a tribute to what was a home away from home for many locals. 

If you're in Verdun today, make sure to pass by and pour out some coffee to honour the memory of a lost friend.

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