Montreal's Magical Christmas Window Display Has Finally Been Unveiled

Despite the grey, November weather, holiday spirit continues to grow in Montreal.

Starting the day after Halloween, stores and commercial centres across the city began to set up Christmas displays and tease holiday deals.

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TL;DR The Ogilvy holiday window displays will be available to view this winter between November 13th and January 6th at the McCord Museum. One display will be open to the public on Sherbrooke Street. The second will be on the second floor of the museum.

Each evening, more and more Christmas lights illuminate the night sky.

The December holidays, of course, emphasize consumerism. So stores along Montreal's commercial avenues often compete for the attention of the shopper. For this reason, Sainte Catherine Street was long the epicenter of the Montreal holiday season.

The crown jewel of Christmas on Sainte Catherine Street was always the Ogilvy Holiday window display. For decades, the popular retailer set up a mechanical holiday scene across two of its front windows.

The sets were the epitome of Christmas whimsy. Their small mechanical figures and elaborate landscapes evoked the fairytale Christmases of years past and the old department store glamour of big city shopping. Every day, crowds gathered before the window to view the scenes in action.

This year, however, the window displays will not return to Ogilvy. The McCord Museum has taken over as the guardian of the famous mechanical sets.

Thankfully, the McCord has decided to honour Ogilvy's tradition of keeping the displays open to the public. In partnership with iÖGO nanö (Agropur), the museum has moved the Ogilvy sets to its campus in a new pair of exhibits.

Starting today, Montrealers will be able to view The Mill In The Forest set for free right on Sherbrooke Street! "The second window, The Enchanted Village, can be seen on Level 2 of the Museum," according to a press release, for which visitors will have to pay normal museum admission fees

Moreover, fans will be able to "adopt" one of the little mechanical animals in the display. Proceeds from this "adoption" will go toward preserving the sets. Read more on the McCord website.

The displays will be available to the public until January 6, 2019.