Montreal's "Mario Kart" Style Race Track Is Now Officially Open

Raise your hand if you've ever gotten way too competitive at Mario Kart. So competitive that you've ruined friendships and Wii controllers alike. Wait, just me? Oops.

Do you remember the battle version of Mario Kart? The one where you play in teams and shoot each other's ballons? Well, you can now play that game in real life at this amazing arena in Montreal.

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TL;DR Ekart, a Montreal-based company that specialises in karting on ice, offers Mario Kart battles where you dress up like Mario characters and run into your friends with go-karts.

Ekart is a company that specialises in go-karting on ice. The owners noticed that this was a super popular trend in Europe, and wanted to bring the trend to Canada.

Check out this awesome video for their Mario-Kart themed event, which they dub "Magikart."

As they say on their site, "who's dreamed of becoming Mario and race again friends like in the game, but in real life?"

The video shows the people dressing up in Mario-Kart themed onesies. You need to "avoid bananas thrown by opponents, throw shells and avoid obstacles."

I, for one, absolutely want to race on go-karts that can go up to 70 km/h and throw things at my friends, all while wearing ridiculous costumes.

If this isn't the best birthday party idea ever, I don't know what is.

The company sets up shop at rinks around the city.

For information about prices, you can contact ekart at 438-788-3528. Their website can be found here

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