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Montreal's Most Expensive Sangria

It's called 'Sangria Claire' and it looks super tasty!
Most expensive sangria

In Montreal the competition for sangria is steep. Most pitchers will run you anywhere between $28-$40. And that $40 is on the high end. So when I heard about Nelligan Terrace's $54 dollar pitcher I had to ask, "What makes them think they're so special?"

In a city that prides itself on sangria season, how can you expect people to pay so much more? I mean, I love sangria as much as the next Montrealer, but this is verging on absurd. 

And then we found out. And it turns out, they are that special.

'Sangria' has become a loose term, kind of like how a 'martini' is anything that is poured into a martini glass. But in this case, we aren't pointing fingers.

The Nelligan's Sangria Claire was concocted by their in-house bartender Guy Miquelon in what we can only guess was a fevered dream of dancing lychees drunk on champagne.

We sent our very own Olivia Lyle to the Nelligan to see what all the hype was really about. Check out the video above to see the Sangria being made and the amazing views this terrasse offers.

Typically sangria is red/white wine with juice, brandy, and chopped fruit. But this sangria eschews the format and mixes Italian prosecco, peach schnapps, white cranberry juice and lychees. And it's a work of art, truly a drink of visual and savory perfection.  

The big question is, is it worth it? Yeah, kind of. If you're in the mood for something a bit more upscale and unique, then there is nothing like sipping this drink while hanging out on the Nelligan Terrace.

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But that being said, with so many choices in Montreal you can still get an amazing pitcher for almost half the price. Check out our list of Montreal's Best Sangrias by clicking here.

WHAT: Sangria Claire

WHERE: Terrasse Nelligan

WHEN: 106 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, 5th floor

COST: $54 for a pitcher

Check out the full list of cocktails for the Nelligan here.

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