Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Has Free Online Art Therapy That You Can Do From Your Couch

Free art therapy activities every Friday.
Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Has Free Online Art Therapy That You Can Do From Your Couch

The MMFA is doing its best to keep us occupied during this surreal moment in history. It's just one of a few institutions in the city that has moved its activities online so that residents can enjoy them from the comfort and safety of their own homes. In addition to free virtual tours, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is now offering at-home art therapy.

Each therapy activity is designed by MMFA Art Therapist Stephen Legari.

"The key is to focus on the pleasure of creating. Try not to judge or analyze what you’re doing — it’s about enjoying the process," he explains.

"So, turn off the news, take some time for yourself, and relax."

The first art therapy activity, posted to the museum Facebook page, asks participants to "think of someone you’d like to send some encouraging words to" and create a postcard using "inspiring materials as basic as a piece of paper and pencil."

At-home artists are then instructed to "take a photo of the card with your phone and send it to the person virtually."

Participants can share pictures of their work on social media with the hashtag #SpreadArtNotVirus.

Though it's currently inaccessible, the MMFA also has its own Art Therapy Workshop, which, according to its website, offers "a whole range of innovative projects adapted to persons living either with mental health issues, autism or eating disorders, or with difficulties related to learning, living together and social inclusion."

To further the spirit of communal healing while the Workshop is closed in this time of crisis, the museum is also posting a "cultural proposal" every morning to brighten Montrealers' days.

"Whether you’re alone or with others, with or without children, immerse yourself in new topics until our paths cross at the MMFA," the caption of the first post reads.

Virtual Art Therapy With The MMFA

When: Every Friday

Where: On the Facebook page of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Cost: Free

Check it out here

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