Montreal's N.D.G. Neighbourhood Was Transformed Into 1950s Brooklyn For A New Hollywood Movie (Photos)

'Spinning Gold' stars Samuel L. Jackson and Neil Patrick Harris.
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Montreal's N.D.G. Neighbourhood Was Transformed Into 1950s Brooklyn For A New Hollywood Movie (Photos)

N.D.G. residents might've been excited to see a storefront advertising 25 cents for 6 grapefruits early this week but sadly, those prices only exist in movieland. Upon closer inspection, that's exactly what was happening! 

For a few days early this week, Montreal's most Anglo neighbourhood got treated to a dose of Hollywood. "Spinning Gold," a biopic starring Samuel L. Jackson and Neil Patrick Harris was shooting between the corners of rues Oxford and Harvard along Sherbrooke. 

With so many celebs already in Montreal thanks to other film shoots and Just For Laughs, we're truly in the midst of a great summer in the city. It's as if Montreal was meant to be Hollywood royalty!

Complete with decorated storefronts, street signs, and even some cars, the film set was like something out of the 1950s. "Spinning Gold" is a biopic that tells the story of Neil Bogart, a record executive in the 1970s

Montreal resident Amanda Sting shared these shots with us after she stumbled upon the movie set just a couple of blocks from her place. No actors were on set yet, but the crew was hard at work preparing for the shoot. 

The 'Deeg was transformed into 1950s Brooklyn for a few days and the look was incredibly convincing. They changed the façade of Encore Records to "Rimba Records" and stores were listing enviable prices on their windows.

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Neil Bogart was the first one to sign KISS, Donna Summer, The Village People, and Parliament-Funkadelic. If you don't know who any of those people are, don't worry — I'm a music nerd and it's likely Kanye has sampled all of those artists at some point. 

Bogart is played by Jeremy Jordan, while a star-studded cast rounds out the ensemble, each playing the many musicians on Bogart's Casablanca Records roster. I'm particularly excited to see how Sam Jackson portrays George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic's colourful lead singer. 

Can we just make it official and call Montreal Hollywood North already?

"Spinning Gold" is no longer shooting in N.D.G. but the crew will still be shooting around parts of Montreal.

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