Montreal's New Champlain Bridge Will Open In One Direction On June 24th But Won't Open In The Other Direction Until July 1st

Montreal's Champlain Bridge has been the subject of much derision. The bridge, which was originally supposed to open around Christmas 2018 is still currently under construction. Of course, this deadline was not met, and the actual opening date of the bridge has been the subject of much speculation.

A few months ago, the company responsible for building the new Champlain Bridge announced that the bridge would open to traffic on one side by June 3rd. The other side was supposed to open June 17th.

News outlets are now reporting that the bridge is set to officially open on June 24th... but just in one direction. The other side will not open until July 1st.

This news was confirmed by the minister of Infrastructure and Community François-Philippe Champagne today.

According to Champagne, the bridge opening will be staggered to allow a smoother merging to the rest of the road system. It will also make it safer for drivers

The official opening ceremony will take place on June 28th. Workers who contributed to the building of the bridge's structure will be invited to attend.

Watch the MTLBlog video below for more information:

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The new bridge spans 3.5 k.m. It includes three lanes in each direction, a spot for the future Réseau Express Métropolitain (R.E.M) train, a pedestrian lane and a cycling lane. It is built to last 125 years.

It will also have lights much like the Jacques-Cartier bridge. However, many are critiquing the "tacky" or "cheap" look of the spotlights on this bridge. Take a look at some of the hilarious reactions below.

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The bridge's Montreal-bound lane will open on Monday, June 24th. Its southbound lane will open on Monday, July 1. The city will have a fully operational new bridge on Canada day.

Read more on the Journal de Montréal's website.