Montreal's Old Metro Cars Are Being Transformed Into A New Bar & Terrasse (Photos)

MR-63 will be your go-to summer spot!
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Montreal's Old Metro Cars Are Being Transformed Into A New Bar & Terrasse (Photos)

Do you remember the old MR-63 metro wagons? Before the new metro cars came around, the green line was serviced by an outdated metro wagon with white chairs and no air conditioning. 

Though the cars are currently out of service, two Montreal brothers, Frédéric and Etienne Morin-Bordeleau, had a vision for their future. The pair purchased a few of the wagons and wanted to convert them into a cultural hub in Montreal's Sud-Ouest neighbourhood. Finally, their vision has become a reality. 

Today, the brothers have announced that the project will break ground this month and should be ready in the next year or so. MR-63 will be one of the most unique additions to Montreal's incredible array of public spaces. Featuring a bar, a restaurant, and a huge terrasse, MR-63 is going to be amazing.

MR-63 is billed as a cultural hub that will comprise green space, an urban centre, a café, a restaurant, a bar, and a terrasse overlooking the river.

The key feature of the space will, of course, be the integration of the MR-63 metro cars into the three-storey cultural centre. MR-63 will also host various music events, cultural events, tastings, and will even have conference rooms. 

[rebelmouse-image 26891155 photo_credit="MR-63" expand=1 original_size="3629x2345"] MR-63

The metro cars will be integrated into a glass building that will have solar panels. MR-63 hopes to be one of the first carbon-neutral buildings in the city. Along with the bar and restaurant, there will be various small pop-up shops and art installations that people can visit. 

[rebelmouse-image 26891156 photo_credit="MR-63" expand=1 original_size="4166x2169"] MR-63

According to the Mayor of the Sud-Ouest, Benoit Dorais, MR-63 will "democratize art and culture in Montreal and will become an important social space that will strengthen the neighbourhood" (translated from French).

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One of the hallmark features of the project will be a brand-new outdoor space and terrasse that'll make summers in Montreal all that much sweeter. 

[rebelmouse-image 26891154 photo_credit="MR-63" expand=1 original_size="1200x575"] MR-63

MR-63's project coordinators hope that the building and surrounding space will become one of Montreal's most important cultural landmarks

With a focused effort in promoting, art, design, music, and gastronomy, MR-63 has the potential to be one of the best places in the city.  

[rebelmouse-image 26891157 photo_credit="MR-63" expand=1 original_size="3180x1960"] MR-63

The project is set to be completed between summer 2020 and 2021. However, you can visit the first phase of the project starting July 19th, 2019.

To see how it all came together, check out this report on MR-63 (in French). 

Tonight, the MR-63 group is hosting a preview event at Microbrasseire Les 4 Origines for the community! Check it out on their official Facebook page.

For more information, check out MR-63's official website

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