Montreal's Peel Street To Be Closed Down For Giant Raptors Viewing Party Tonight

Tonight the Toronto Raptors are facing off against the Golden State Warriors for game 5 of the NBA finals. The Raptors are currently up 3-1 against the Warriors. If they win the game tonight, they would win the championship.

This would be a historic win because no Canadian team has won a championship in over 25 years. Whether it be baseball, hockey or basketball, Canadian teams haven't been able to take home a win.

Canadians all over the country are rooting for the Raptors, and they have the viewing parties to prove it. Tonight's game will even be broadcasted live in downtown Montreal.

The city has decided to keep Peel Street closed for an additional day. The street is already closed to vehicles for the Grand Prix weekend celebrations.

City officials told Global News that the street will remain closed until Tuesday morning. According to Global News, merchants on the street have been notified of the change in schedule.

A large screen will be set up for a huge, outdoor viewing party.

Watch to see how Montrealers partied on Peel for the Raptors:

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This will be Montreal's version of "Jurassic Park," a large outdoor viewing stadium for Raptors fans in Toronto.

The event is sure to draw a large number of people. Canadians all over the country have tuned into the NBA finals, including many of whom were not previously basketball fans.

People are predicting that tonight's potential historic win would lead to very rowdy crowds. The CBC reports that more than a million people could go out and celebrate the win tonight.

The Toronto Raptors will play against The Golden State Warriors tonight at 9 p.m. for Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Here's an MTLBlog video of what the venue will look like:

Read more about the event tonight here at Global News. Read more about the rowdy crowds expected tonight here at CBC.

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