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Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street Is Closing Off To Host The Biggest Summer Street Fair In Canada

La Sainte-Catherine Célèbre is coming back for its 22nd edition!
Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street Is Closing Off To Host The Biggest Summer Street Fair In Canada

Rue Ste-Catherine, the central shopping and commercial thoroughfare in downtown Montreal, will once again close off this summer to host what is, according to Destination Centre Ville, "the biggest open sky gathering of merchants in Canada."

Between July 12th and 14th, "La Sainte-Catherine Célèbre is back for its 22nd edition," the Facebook event page reads. "Musicians, Djs, graffiti artists, [and] acrobats, along with 300 boutiques and restaurants will make the irrestible Sainte-Catherine street come to life like you have never seen before."

Hundreds of merchants will set up tents along the street and offer "exclusive savings" to passersby. In years past, says Destination Centre Ville, a non-profit that promotes downtown events, as many as 300,000 people poured onto Ste-Catherine to enjoy the event.

The street will be closed between rues Guy and Jeanne Mance, encompassing a huge portion of the downtown. A map of the fair is below:

[rebelmouse-image 26891823 photo_credit="Google Maps" expand=1 original_size="877x507"] Google Maps

The open air market will be open between 12 AM and 10PM on Friday; 10 AM and 10 PM on Saturday; and 10 AM and 7 PM on Saturday. The complete program is forthcoming! Be sure to stay tuned to the event page here and Destination Centre Ville website here!

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. This will be one of the last street festivals before the Montreal summer season enters its quieter period between the end of July and September.

For a preview of the street fair, watch the video compilation of moments from the 2017 edition below:

Happy shopping!

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Everything you need to know:

What: La Sainte-Catherine Célèbre street fair

When: July 12 – 14

Where: rue Ste-Catherine between rues Guy and Jeanne Mance

Event page

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