Montreal's SPCA Is Waiving Adoption Fees On These Animals For The Rest Of July

It's the perfect time to add a four-legged friend to your family.
Montreal's SPCA Is Waiving Adoption Fees On These Animals For The Rest Of July

If you've been thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, now's a perfect time: the Montreal SPCA has waived adoption fees for their senior and special needs dogs and cats for the entire month of July.

Normally fees can run from $75 for an animal that might have special medical needs or need a little extra in time, patience and love. So this is a pretty great incentive to take in one of these guys. 

The fee includes all those important things you need to have a happy and healthy pet like sterilization, the first set of vaccines, deworming and of course, microchipping

According to CJAD, there have already been 21 compassionate adoptions. But with Montreal's chaotic July 1st moving day leaving tons of pets out on the street, there are still so many animals without a home.

Montreal SPCA takes in over 50 abandoned animals per day during the month of July, which is heartbreaking, to say the least. 

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Adopting senior animals can be great if you don't have the time or energy into training a pup or keeping up with a kitten. Senior animals tend to be a bit more chill (though the SPCA professionals will be the best to report on your animal's personality) and require less minute-to-minute care

And as someone who has fostered a couple of dogs with medical needs, I have to say that the extra work is completely eclipsed by the love you get back (and get to give)! 

Adopting one of these at-risk animals is a win/win for everyone involved. You get to save a loveable, thankful animal, and an animal that might otherwise spend way too long in a cage gets a happy forever home

To find out everything you need to know on the SPCA Montreal website, click here.

WHAT: No adoption fees for compassionate adoptions 

WHEN: Monday-Friday: 12 PM - 9 PM; Saturday-Sunday: 11 AM - 5 PM 

WHERE: Montreal SPCA, 5215 Jean-Talon Street West

COST: Free until the end of July!

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