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Montreal’s STM Metro Is Going To Be Open All Night Long On New Year's Eve 2019

For years, the city of Montreal has been dreaming about a 24 hour Metro service that would stay open all night long. Imagine how awesome it would be to able to take the metro home after a late night of partying. 

The only problem is that it's actually impossible to do that with the system we have.

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TL;DR Montreal's STM Metro network will be open all night long on December 31st to make sure you get home safely. Regular fares still apply. 

The only networks that are able to do this have parallel lines, so they are able to close one line while people travel on the other. Sadly Montreal’s system just isn't built that way. 

Luckily the STM does make a few exceptions. Two years ago, they announced that for the first time ever, they would be keeping the entire metro network open all night long on New Year's Eve. 

And they're doing it again this year!

This morning, tucked away at the bottom of an announcement for the new STM holiday gifts, we found this little announcement that Montreal metro system will be open all night long on the night of December 31st.

That way matter how much you drink, and no matter how late you decide to party on New Year’s Eve, the STM will be there to make sure to get your drunk ass home safely.


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