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Montreal's Thursday's Bar Suddenly Closed On New Year's Day & Left 100 Employees Jobless

The famous Crescent street bar has been a Montreal institution since 1973.
Montreal's Thursday's Bar Suddenly Closed On New Year's Day & Left 100 Employees Jobless
  • Thursday's Montreal, a well-known resto-bar on Crescent Street, officially closed its doors forever on January 1, 2020.
  • The closure came as a surprise to all of the bar's employees.
  • Read all about Thursday's sudden closure below!

Thursday's Montreal, a well-known resto-bar on Crescent Street, suddenly closed its doors forever, according to a report from TVA Nouvelles. The bar's 100 employees found out that they lost their jobs in a short email sent by the bar's administration on New Year's Day. 

Employees described the sudden firing as "savage" since the night before, they served customers for a New Year's Eve party. Needless to say, they were shocked and dismayed at the news. According to the TVA report, co-owner of the establishment, Chris-Ann Nakis, believes that she isn't to blame and said that she has sympathy for her employees. 

Thursday's first opened in 1973 and has been a Crescent Street institution for almost 50 years. In 2012, a change of ownership oversaw extensive renovations to the bar. The multi-level bar was a popular spot for post-work 5 à 7s, sporting event viewings, and dance parties. On summer weekends, Thursday's patrons would queue up down the street. A lack of business seems an unlikely reason for the bar's sudden closure. 

In the coming months, the now vacant location will be up for sale. The loss of Thursday's is a blow to Montreal's famous Crescent Street. Whether a new bar or restaurant will replace the vacant building remains to be seen. 

Employees felt betrayed by the news and were given no explanation as to why their jobs were terminated. Thursday's employed some 100 people, who are all now left jobless to start off 2020.

The sudden termination without notice is, in fact, a violation of Quebec's labour laws. MTL Blog reached out to Thursday's management for comment but has not yet received a response. This article will be updated when we do.

According to the CNESST, "an employer must give the employee a written notice of termination of employment before terminating their contract of employment or laying them off for a period of more than 6 months." 

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There's no indication if Thursday's employees will take legal action against ownership. According to the CNESST, "if the employer does not give the employee the notice of termination of employment within the stipulated time periods or gives it within a period of insufficient length, he will have to pay the employee a compensatory indemnity equal to the wages that the employee would normally have earned." 

According to reports, the co-owner of Thursday's offers former employees to contact her so she can help them find a new job. 

Some employees at Thursday's have been working at the bar for close to 30 years. 

According to TVA, the administration was often criticized for the way it treated its employees over the years.

If you were a frequent patron of Thursday's, this news certainly comes as a shock. You'll have to find a new favourite bar for your 5 à 7s.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story. 

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