Montreal's Trudeau Airport Ranked #1 Best In Canada

The Montreal - Trudeau airport was just awarded a prestigious 4-star rating, out of a possible 5 stars, from Skytrax Rating. Skytrax is a London, UK-based organisation that rates airport experiences.

This puts Montreal in a two-way tie with the Vancouver airport for the best airport in Canada. The airport received the new, four-star rating for its excellent customer service and its cleanliness, amongst other things.

The organisation awarded the award earlier on Monday morning. According to the organisation, the rating "classifies airports by the quality of airport product facilities and staff service standards."

Skytrax goes on to state that the "World Airport Star Ratings are recognised as a global benchmark of airport standards, developed through many years of professional experience and Skytrax specialist, qualitative knowledge of the airport industry."

Montreal's rating improved because, according to the organisation, the airport has been making significant efforts to improve the cleanliness and the "presentation" of the airport.

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They make a note that " The check-in space for hub carrier Air Canada was completely refurbished during 2018, and saw some additional dining choices added to the landside space."

They also mention the upgrades to customer service, such as ambassadors and computer information points passengers can turn to.

I'm surprised they didn't mention the ADORABLE therapy dogs.

The airport scored particularly high in the food and beverage section, earning a few 5-star ratings in that category.

It also scored high in the "distance to public transport" category: when the REM train officially connects the airport this rating is likely to go up even more.

The Montreal Trudeau Airport was just awarded four stars out of a possible five stars by Skytrax Ratings, placing it in a tie with the Vancouver airport for best airport in Canada.

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