Montreal's First Build-Your-Own Pancakes Event

Over 20 different spring-themed toppings available.
Montreal's First Build-Your-Own Pancakes Event

Whether you call them crêpes or flapjacks, there's really nothing quite like a fat stack of pancakes in the morning... or afternoon... or anytime.

So imagine the opportunity to build your own beautiful stack of pancakes with toppings you'd only dream of, at Montreal's very own Ginkgo Café & Bar.

Imagine no more. It's real, it's coming, and we've got all the details below.

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TL;DR A build-your-own-pancakes event and contest is coming to Montreal's Ginkgo Café & Bar between April 7th and 14th. Details and a link to ticket sales are below.

Via Pancake Queen

Montreal's very first Build-Your-Own Pancake event is happening right as we welcome spring, and I can't think of a better way to start the new season than a with beautiful, self-induced pancake coma.

From April 7th to 14th, Ginkgo Café & Bar will be hosting Montreal's very own Pancake Queen in a celebration of all things pancake... and there will be prizes!

Contestants must post a picture of their pancakes to Instagram with the hashtag #PancakeMe2019 and #ginkgoMTL. They must also follow @mtlpancakequeen and @ginkgomtl on Instagram.

The most photogenic plate of pancakes will win a $100 gift card to Ginkgo AND their pancakes will be featured on the menu for a whole month. So be sure to think of a good name for your creation before you post and you may see your stack rise to pancake fame.

Via Pancake Queen

Via Pancake Queen

The pancakes will be spring themed, so think beautiful, fun, and blooming with colour.

The top 10 pancake plates will be announced by the Pancake Queen on her Instagram page on April 21st. Winners will be announced in the following week.

The event will run at four scheduled times throughout the day: 8 AM, 9:30 AM, 11 AM, and 2 PM, for those brunchers out there.

You do have to reserve your space in advance, which you can do here, and there's a system in place to let you split the payment amongst your crew. Simple.

The $21 tickets include 6 pancakes and 6 toppings of your choice from a selection of over 20, so it'll all be fair and square. 

Watch a promo video for the event from @mtlpancakequeen below:

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Check all the details and rules on the Pancake Queen website here!

Happy pancaking!