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Montreal Is Being Hit With Up To 50 cm Of Snow & 60 km/h Winds Today

These photos are so Montreal it hurts.
Montreal's Winter Storm Warning Now Includes 60km/h Winds & Up To 50cm Of Snow

Environment Canada is now reporting that Montreal's Winter Storm Warning has been extended to include the possibility of 50 centimetres of snow by Friday evening, as well as 60 km/h winds, which are currently whipping through the city.

Several school boards across Quebec have cancelled classes, though McGill and Concordia remain open (because evidently university is crueller than we thought).

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The City has been hard at work since early this morning plowing streets and sidewalks to try and make movement a little easier.

The STM is also warning passengers that buses are out on the road, "but the road conditions are particularly challenging," which means that drivers will be adapting their driving accordingly.

This will likely mean delays, of course, but considering it's in the name of safety, we can be grateful.

Montreal Weather Records is also reporting that if the forecasted amount of snow actually falls today, this will be the snowiest February 7 in Montreal since 1929.

Take a look below at the warning from Environment Canada, as well as some impressive photos Montrealers have already taken of the snowy and blowy winter storm.

Below you can see the updated snowfall forecast which indicates Montreal could be in for up to 50 centimetres by the end of the day.

This is up from the 45 centimetres which were forecasted in the Winter Storm Warning on the Environment Canada website.

Above is data from Montreal Weather Records showing that this February 7 is primed and ready to be the snowiest since 1929, if snowfall forecasts are met.

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People all over the city have already taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their photos and videos of the snowglobe that Montreal has become.

They don't call it Côte-Des-Neiges for nothing...

Environment Canada is warning Montrealers that the "snow will persist through the day," accompanied by "strong northeasterly winds" which will be gusting up to 60 km/h.

Many flights leaving Montreal's Trudeau airport have also been delayed or cancelled due to the harsh weather.

If you are heading out, keep in mind that "rapidly accumulating snow will make travel difficult," and the high winds will contribute to blowing snow, decreasing visibility.

You can keep up with the storm on Twitter by following the hashtag #QCStorm.

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