Details Have Just Been Released About The Man Who Mysteriously Disappeared At Osheaga 2018

18-year old Collins Obiagboso was found lifeless near the St. Lawrence River two days after going missing.
Details Have Just Been Released About The Man Who Mysteriously Disappeared At Osheaga 2018

Last year's Osheaga music festival took a horrible turn when 18-year old Collins Obiagboso went missing on the Friday night. The following Monday the SPVM received a call from Longueuil Police, informing them they had discovered Obiagboso's body, which was found on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.

It seems as if since then, the public hasn't really received any more updates involving the case. The entire situation was extremely mysterious, with even Obiagboso's mother seeking an explanation. She maintains that her son was responsible and never would have ventured near the water, as he didn't know how to swim.

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TL;DR Last year, 18-year old Collins Obiagboso's body was found on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, with not much information revealed afterwards. The Coroner's Investigative Report was just released, with more details surrounding the tragedy coming to light.

So, almost a year later, and there finally seems to be an update with the case. The Coroner's Investigative Report was just made public, with more information coming to light.

Still, the death is being said to remain a mystery, as not enough conclusive evidence was found.

Given the state the body was in when it was first found — two days after the suspected death of Obiagboso — alcohol was not able to be determined as a contributing factor. According to those who were in contact with Collins during the last hours of his life, he had not consumed any alcohol before going to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the festival.

Further examination of the body also confirmed that there is no reason to believe the young man was the victim of a criminal offense.

Experts believe that the 18 year old, who had no known health problems, with evidence proving he did not know how to swim, died as a result of drowning asphyxia.

More information on the Coroner's Investigative Report follows:

"It was not possible to know why Mr. Obiagboso had left the show or to determine where he had gone. It is assumed that Mr. Obiagboso went to the water's edge, but it was not possible to determine whether Mr. Obiagboso accidentally fell into the water or whether he wanted to cool off. (...) There is no evidence to suggest the intervention of a third person or that Mr. Obiagboso has made a suicidal gesture."

"Mr. Collins Obiagboso died as a result of drowning. This is a traumatic death whose exact circumstances could not be determined. "

Via Go Fund Me

At the time of the incident, Collins Obiagboso was living with his mother in Calgary. The young man was born and spent much of his childhood in Montreal, which led his mother to create a Go Fund Me page to organize a funeral and burial in the city.

She was able to raise $11,326 for the 18 year old's funeral. 

Although there isn't much information surrounding the events that took place that Friday night, what happened to Collins Obiagboso was tragic and untimely. We can only hope more details are uncovered to offer closure to the relatives and friends of the young man.


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