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More Than 8,500 Traffic Tickets Have Been Cancelled In Quebec

It really is a holiday miracle!
More Than 8,500 Traffic Tickets Have Been Cancelled In Quebec

Traffic tickets are definitely not unheard of in Quebec. Whether you're speeding, texting and driving, or running through stop signs, you're definitly going to get caught. You're also defintiely going to get fined for it.

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TL;DR The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions has pardoned over 8,500 traffic tickets in Quebec due to "unreasonable delay" that resulted in an 18 month minimum wait before offenders could fight their ticket in court. Those who have had their charges dropped will be receiving a letter in the mail. More details below.

But for those of us across the province that have already received these unwanted tickets, a holiday miracle may have just come your way. 

Over 8,578 Quebecers will be exempt from paying their tickets this year, as the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions has ordered the cancellation on thousands of traffic tickets. Why, you might ask? Well, it's due to the totally unreasonable delay offenders were experiencing while trying to settle their tickets.

The wait time to be heard by a judge in the province is at least 18 months, which is clearly way too long to justify keeping all of these tickets valid. 

All of the tickets that have been pardoned were offenses under the Highway Safety Code, with the average fine being $400. Over $3.5 million is lost by the government by cancelling these tickets.

The purpose of the cancellation is to prove that the court system in Quebec desperately needs to move faster. By cancelling thousands of traffic tickets, the DPCP can devote more of its time to the currently active tickets. Needless to say, this holiday season just got a lot better for anyone who was fighting their fines.

A letter has been sent to people whose offenses were dropped, so you'll definitely want to keep an eye on your mailbox.


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