18 Most Authentic Butter Chicken Restaurants In Montreal

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18 Most Authentic Butter Chicken Restaurants In Montreal

Unless you're a vegetarian who loves their palak paneer, your favourite Indian dish is probably butter chicken. It's easy to see why — the sweet, savoury, and incredibly flavourful curry dish is pleasing to everyone's taste. 

Now, some of you might be wondering why "authentic" and "butter chicken" are in the same title. Against popular belief, butter chicken or Makhan murg comes from India and has been a staple of the cuisine since the 50s. 

Montreal has a huge amount of Indian restaurants, each one with its own spin on butter chicken. But which one is the most authentic? 

Without further ado, here are the most authentic butter chicken restaurants in Montreal!

Punjab Palace

What: A tried-and-true quality Indian restaurant along Rue Jean-Talon. BYOB!

Where: 920 Rue Jean-Talon O.

Check them out here!

Sana Restaurant

What: Authentic flavours and awesome ambiance. Pakistani-Indian fusion at its finest.

Where: 655 Rue Jarry O. || 1175A Rue Crescent

Check them out here!


What: A small, family-owned restaurant with an upscale take on Southern Indian cuisine.

Where: 2027 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check them out here!

Restaurant Atma

What: Atma has been cooking up high-quality Indian cuisine for the Plateau ever since 2004.

Where: 3962 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check them out here!

Restaurant Sahib 

What: A modern Indian dining experience with a well-stocked bar.

Where: 225B Hymus

Check them out here!

Curry Mahal 

What: An incredibly affordable Indian restaurant in the heart of the Plateau.

Where: 3814 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check them out here!

Le Taj

What: An upscale restaurant that's been serving up the best of India since 1985.

Where: 2077 Rue Stanley

Check them out here!

Bombay Mahal 

What: A mom-and-pop mainstay along the bustling Rue Jean-Talon. Yes, you can indeed BYOB.

Where: 1001 Rue Jean-Talon O.

Check them out here!

Restaurant Makkah 

What: A hidden gem on the other side of Rue Jean-Talon where Indian restaurants aren't so often found.

Where: 360 Rue Jean-Talon E.

Check them out here!

Étoile Des Indes — Star of India

What: Often regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in Montreal.

Where: 5860 Rue Sherbrooke O. || ​1806 Rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Check them out here!


What: A great BYOB choice in cozy environs with some of the creamiest butter chicken ever.

Where: 3712 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check them out here!


What: A cozy and casual Indian restaurant with an absolutely huge menu.

Where: 5987 Avenue Victoria

Check them out here!

Chand Palace

What: An affordable menu and friendly atmosphere make this bustling restaurant one of Montreal's best choices for Indian.

Where: 989 Rue Jean-Talon O.

Check them out here!

Lakshana's Chettinad

What: Amazing butter chicken awaits you in this hidden gem of a restaurant.

Where: 5623A Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Check them out here!

Maison Indian Curry

What: Enjoy both Northern and Southern Indian specialties including thali meals for under $10.

Where: 996 Rue Jean-Talon O.

Check them out here!


What: This Indian restaurant specifically caters to take-out and large orders. It's a must-try!

Where: 1808 Boulevard Sunnybrooke

Check them out here!


What: A super low-key Indian buffet-style restaurant with simply incredible butter chicken.

Where: 8792 Rue Hochelaga

Check them out here!


What: Specializing in Southern Indian cuisine, Thanjai is sure to be a hit no matter what you order.

Where: 4759 Avenue Van Horne

Check them out here!

Have a good feast, Montreal!

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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