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14 Best Gelato Shops In Montreal

Authentic spots to get Italy's famous cold summer treat!
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14 Best Gelato Shops In Montreal

Now that it's summer in Montreal, many of us are out looking for the perfect treat to mitigate the effects of this heatwave.

We're officially in the dog days of summer, Montreal, so it's time to declare your love for gelato once again! Gelato is an ever-popular Italian ice cream that can be flavoured with everything from chocolate to coconut! 

Have you ever wondered where the most authentic gelato is in Montreal? Look no further than this list!

Mlle Catherine

This cute gelato spot in Montreal's Old Port is sure to be a hit. One of the best places in the city to get homemade gelato.

Where: 423 Place Jacques-Cartier

Check them out here!

Gelaterie Pierino

Located in the heart of Little Italy, this famous gelato shop in Montreal is known for having some of the best in the city!

Where: 6737 boul. Saint-Laurent

Check them out here!


Roberto's Gastronomia has been serving up premium gelato since 1982. They still use the traditional processes passed down over generations.

Where: 2227 rue Belanger

Check them out here!


Pagliacci is the perfect balance of tradition and hip modern vibes, making it a perfect location for gelato.

Where: 125 rue Price-Arthur E.

Check them out here!

Paysanne Gelato

Dedicated to authenticity and freshly-made gelato without added flavours or preservatives, Paysanne is sure to please everyone!

Where: 5 locations around Montreal!

Check them out here!

L'Armoire à Glaces 

This cute little restaurant on rue St-Hubert doesn't only serve some of the best gelatos in town — their coffee and food are also quite great!

Where: 6220 rue St-Hubert

Check them out here!

Pile ou Glace Gelateria 

Incredible gelato that many people say is almost exactly like that in Italy!

Where: 7084 boul. Saint-Laurent

Check them out here!

Dalla Rose

A simple, modern gelateria that's as delicious as it is hip!

Where: 4609 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check them out here!

Péché Glacé

A small and cheerful little shop that serves excellent artisanal gelatos and smoothies along with yummy crepes!

Where: 1843 ave. du Mont-Royal E.

Check them out here!

Cremerie Cielo Gelato

A huge and colourful shop in the West Island that makes delicious gelato in-house!

Where: 10414 boul. Gouin O. (West Island)

Check them out here!

La Bella Italiana 

A lively spot to settle in for a glass of wine and a pizza but wait, is that a gelato bar you see? La Bella Italiana lives up to its name!

Where: 5884 rue Jean-Talon E.

Check them out here!

La Dolce Vita

Still in the West Island, La Dolce Vita gelato is amongst the most authentic in the whole city.

Where: 3776 rue St.Charles N.

Check them out here!

Le Quai des Glaces

A quiet and low-key gelato shop along the banks of the Fleuve Saint-Laurent!

Where: 2138 boul. Saint-Joseph

Check them out here!

Tella's Gelato

If you travel all the way out East, you'll find Tella's and her sublime gelato bar. Order one of their incredible milkshakes too!

Where: 6589 rue Beaubien E.

Check them out here!

Hope you get an opportunity to try some of these places this summer, Montreal!

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