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Most Authentic Gyros In Montreal

7 spots to get the savoury Greek sandwich!
Most Authentic Gyros In Montreal

A gyro is a delicious Greek sandwich that is filled with meat, tzatziki (thick garlic and yogurt sauce), tomatoes and onions.  

Thanks to a large Greek community in Montreal and the universal appeal of the famous sandwich, the gyro (pronounced "yee-row") is one of the most popular greasy spoon meals in the city.

Considered "Greek fast food," the wrap is a go-to for those looking for an easy lunch.

This is your official guide to the most authentic gyros in Montreal!

Village Grec  

Where: 654 Rue Jean-Talon O.

Village Grec produces without a doubt one of the best andmost consistent gyros in the city.

Located right on Jean Talon, this Montreal staple has been satisfying customers for decades.

Their meat is fresh and their tzatziki oozes flavour, making their gyros totally worth the calories.

Check it out here!


Where: 256 Rue Saint Viateur O.

Tucked away on rue Saint Viateur, Arahova has been around forever.

Although this is a chain, I think that the Saint Viateur location, which is the original, still serves up the meanest gyros.

Not only is its food delicious, but it is open late —until 2 AM on weekdays and 4 AM on weekends.

This is an epic spot, especially for late night eats.

Check it out here!


Where: Check Website For Locations

Marathons is probably the most popular Greek chain in Montreal.

Not only is the food fresh and delicious, but the quality is consistent and the price is even better!

All the locations are awesome. It is a great place to have a quick, cheap meal that is also great quality... don't forget to try the gyro!

Check it out here!


Where: 550 Rue Jarry O.

Small, casual and delicious. These are the best three words I can use to describe Elatos.

This cozy restaurant is famous for its gyros and I can totally see why.

Its homemade tzatziki combined with the savory flavours in their meat and fresh vegetables are what make this place worth trying.

To top it all off, you can also add french fries to your Gyro, which is how they do it in Greece.

Check it out here!


Where: 9530 Boulevard de l'Acadie

Located on L'Acadie, Nostos has been a popular choice for Greek food for quite some time and there is no secret why.

The quality, quantity and price are highly competitive while each bite packs a punch.

After eating there one time, you will instantly become a regular.

Check it out here!


Where: 880 Avenue Ball

Marvens is a go-to eatery for Montreal natives.

The restaurant is a classic and its owners know it, which is why they have not changed any recipes for a very long time.

If you haven't tried a gyro from there, you are truly missing out.

Check it out here!

Yia Sou Greek Grill

Where: 5375 Chemin Queen Mary

Yia Sou is the Greek way of saying "hello" or "goodbye." This establishment is a must try for any gyro lover. Not only is it well-priced, but the flavours are so insanely good it will keep you coming back, time and time again.

They also have great lunch deals as well as a happy hour!

Check it out here!

Happy, munching!

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