15 Most Authentic Ramen Restaurants In Montreal

Spots for good noodles in and around the city!
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15 Most Authentic Ramen Restaurants In Montreal

There's nothing like a warm bowl of ramen. Whether it's a hot day, a cold day, or a rainy day, it really doesn't matter. It's always perfect. 

Ramen is the old friend you can hang out with no matter how long you've been apart. That steaming bowl of noodles, broth, veggies, and meat transport you to a paradise like no other. For those fleeting moments, you're transfixed on the experience, disconnected from the harsh outside world. 

That singular experience is important for us Montrealers and thankfully, we have an awesome variety of ramen restaurants that deliver that magical experience time and time again. 

Yokato Yokabai 

What: Widely considered one of the best in Montreal, this cozy and delicious Plateau restaurant is a slice of Japan in the north.

Where: 4185 rue Drolet

Check them out here!


What: A highly traditional, yet highly modern take on Japanese dining. Noren is one of those special places where it's obvious everyone cares about what they're cooking.

Where: 77 rue Rachel O.

Check them out here!

Kumamoto Ramen

What: An authentically Japanese concept restaurant with private booth seating, table-side bells, and incredibly rich broth. Delightful!

Where: 1812 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Check them out here!


What: A slice of ramen heaven in the Mile-End. Tsukuyomi prides itself on a commitment to tradition and huge flavour.

Where: 5207 boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!


What: A low-key hidden gem in downtown, Ichifuku knows how to make a delicious ramen every single time.

Where: 1925 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Check them out here!

Kurobuta Izakaya aka Ramen Ya

What: A fantastic ramen spot with a whole bevy of broth options. FYI, the dumplings are also quite nice.

Where: 4274 boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!


What: What can I say about Kazu that hasn't already been said? It's one of the best if not the best Japanese restaurant in the city. Stand in line for however long it takes and eat there as soon as possible.

Where: 1862 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Check them out here!

Schlouppe Bistrot Nakamichi

What: This quaint and cute little downtown spot is known for rich broths and fantastic vegetarian options.

Where: 2159 rue Mackay

Check them out here!

SUMO Ramen 

What: Big portions and tasty ramen in a quirky Chinatown location.

Where: 1007 boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!

Hakata Ramen 

What: A laid-back downtown spot that's perfect for lunch ramen and maybe even one or two drinks.

Where: 1216 rue Stanley

Check them out here!

Kinka Izakaya 

What: Known mostly for its selection of tapas izakaya dishes, seafood, and sake bombs, Kinka Izakaya also makes ramen that's no joke.

Where: 1624 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Check them out here!

Kinton Ramen

What: One of Canada's biggest ramen companies brings awesome flavour and huge portions. Don't let the fact that its a chain fool you, Kinton Ramen is as authentic as they come.

Where: 5 locations in Montreal!

Check them out here!

Kinoya Izakaya 

What: A wonderful selection of small bites and big meals make Kinoya Izakaya a unique experience in the city.

Where: 4250 rue Saint-Denis

Check them out here!


What: Biiru has an awesome vibe and is mostly known for its shareable plates, but their ramen is delicious and measures up to some of the best.

Where: 1433 rue City Councillors

Check them out here!

Ramen Misoya 

What: A casual and low-key ramen spot in the heart of downtown Montreal. Locations all over the world!

Where: 2065A rue Bishop

Check them out here!

Enjoy, Montreal!

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