Mouse Found Crawling Around In Concordia University Bathroom

Someone call the Pied Piper.
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Mouse Found Crawling Around In Concordia University Bathroom

This morning, we have eyewitness reports of a mouse that has taken up residence in a Concordia University bathroom. Gross! 

A post from Carlo Di Michele on the CASA-JMSB Facebook group sent to us by @kylie_mumu on Instagram shows a tiny little white mouse that was hidden under a toilet seat in a second-floor JMSB bathroom. No word on where this furry toilet bandit came from. 

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TL;DR  Some friends of MTL Blog sent us reports of a mouse that has occupied the second-floor bathroom of the JMSB building. We're unclear as to what they want at this moment, but they were seen carrying a Mouse Lives Matter sign. 

Eyewitness accounts from @kylie_mumu say that "I'm okay with it but it's disgusting!!!" JMSB boys are advised to lift up the seat before using the toilet. Maybe the rodent could be an escaped lab mouse from the EV building who made their way through the tunnel to stalk his JMSB Tinder crush who ghosted them. No one knows for sure. 

Via Carlo Di Michele

After the recent bedbug crisis at the Concordia library, mice have risen up to stake a claim in the previously unoccupied JMSB building. They demand higher wages and more cheese, bringing the fight to the home of future entrepreneurs. 

The mouse was apparently inspired to action after watching Ratatouille. Because they couldn't figure out how to cook, they decided that the best way to get a human's attention is to hide under a toilet seat. 

Local mouse support groups have been quick to dismiss this lone vigilante mouse, saying that they are acting according to their own desires. 

MTL Blog will bring you the latest updates throughout the day and quite possibly an exclusive interview with the mouse that is terrorizing JMSB bathroom breaks. 

If you or your friends have been affected by the mouse, be sure to share your photos, videos and stories with all of us here at MTL Blog. 

Remember people, if you see a mouse, don't panic. Ask its name, where it came from, what does it want, and most importantly, if its cute, pocket that little rascal and take them home. 

Track this developing story by using #JMSBmouselivesmatter on all social media.

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