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Mr. Puffs Unveiled A New Holiday Menu & You're Gonna Need Someone To Roll You Out Of There

I'll have one of each please!
Mr. Puffs Unveiled A New Holiday Menu & You're Gonna Need Someone To Roll You Out Of There

With the holiday season comes the flavours of the season. Indeed, pastries, drinks and other delicacies take on a festive aspect thanks to the classic thematic decorations and varieties. However, without exception, Mr. Puffs offers a decadent holiday menu and you will want to taste it all.

If Mr. Puffs already brings you a lot of happiness thanks to its unique and extremely appetizing taste, these new additions will certainly put you into the holiday spirit.

For this festive period, Mr. Puffs has added hot chocolates, new kinds of doughnuts and special Christmas toppings to its menu, bringing a little extra magic to its already delicious items.

As we know, there are never too many Christmas desserts, and these temporary additions will definitely satisfy both your sugar cravings and your love of festive flavours.

The temporary menu has Mr. Puffs offering two holiday toppings: cream sugar and maple sugar.

Designed to remind you of the traditional sweets of Quebec, these Greek delicacies will certainly bring you a smidge of nostalgia.

In addition, to brighten up your favourite flavours, you can add new toppings of your choice, such as green and red candies, crushed candy canes, and marshmallows.

And if you want a hot drink to go with it, there are new handmade hot chocolates made from real Belgian chocolate available for a very limited time.

Delicious new flavours include red velvet, s'mores, dulce de leche, triple chocolate, as well as cookies and cream.

The drinks always get topped with whipped cream and matching small toppings too.

These holiday specials are available now, so you can already plan a little stop at Mr. Puffs' to try out all of the tasty new items on the menu!

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