MURAL Festival Is Keeping The Spirit Alive With Its New Initiatives For Summer 2020

This year, it's being called "MURAL Estival."
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MURAL Festival Is Keeping The Spirit Alive With Its New Initiatives For Summer 2020

Good news Montrealers! Although our beloved MURAL Festival won't be happening this summer, MURAL Estival 2020 is now in the works. As individuals are forced to learn to adapt to a new normal, it seems that organizations across the city are doing the same.

This nonprofit has just announced a whole new way for individuals to experience MURAL this year.

While the idea of blocking off boulevard Saint-Laurent and joining crowds of people to watch artists recreate the city's wall art might not take place as usual, MURAL Estival will be happening in order to keep the spirit alive.

"The MURAL initiatives will take different forms. Outside of tradition we are developing new programming like online virtual mural visits, live performances, conferences and more," the news release states.

"And of course there will still be physical works in street corridors and traditional mural works that we all know and love."

And voilà, your proof that summer in Montreal has not been entirely cancelled!

Things will just be looking a little different this time around.

So, it's going from MURAL Festival to MURAL Estival, which is a French word for summer.

MURAL explains that "more than ever, art and creativity are needed to heal and inspire. If we can't produce a MURAL Festival edition our way, then we're going to have an amazing MURAL Estival!

MURAL Festival gave beautiful reasoning for why they are turning the festival to an "estival."

On its website, it explains that this year's initiatives are "to take time. The time we usually never have, the time when we're too busy trying to be on time for everything."

"Let's stop and take the time to appreciate the dynamic and brave contributions of our creators, even if it's at a distance," MURAL wrote.

It's so good to see this Montreal organization finding a way to roll with the punches and continue to provide locals with what they want.

And what is it exactly that us Montrealers want? Art.

More details about MURAL Estival 2020 are expected to come out soon. Stay tuned!

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