Neil Patrick Harris Is Coming To Montreal This Summer

He'll arrive in July to film a new movie.
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Neil Patrick Harris Is Coming To Montreal This Summer

Montreal has become a North American hub for the film industry. Generous tax incentives, ample studio space and infrastructure, and adaptable streetscapes have made the city a go-to destination for Hollywood producers.

In years past, Montreal has been featured in the X-Men franchise, The Notebook, Arrival, and, most recently, On the Basis of Sex, in which McGill was transformed into a 1970s scene from the Rutgers University campus.

Of course, the booming film industry in Montreal also brings along with it Hollywood celebrities. This summer, for example, Samuel L. Jackson will grace our streets to begin production of the new film Spinning Gold.

As we have reported in the past, the movie will "will follow the life of Neil Bogart, an American record executive who mentored artists like Donna Summer, KISS, the Village People and Parliament."

Jackson isn't the only high-profile actor that will participate in the movie, either. Among the cast is also Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother fame. Harris will play Bill Aucoin, the manager of KISS.

Harris has also gained fame for his adorable Instagram posts featuring his family — husband David Burtka and children Harper and Gideon.

Filming will begin in Montreal this July 16th and is scheduled to continue through September 20th. The film seems to follow in the footsteps of other successful movies about music industry icons like Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

Biopics about 20th century icons seem to have become a fad.

Recently, Neil Patrick Harris has also starred in the Netflix reboot of A Series of Unfortunate Events. In addition to Spinning Gold, he is involved in an upcoming movie about beuaty queen and performr Anita Bryant, according to IMDBb.

For more information about Spinning Gold, refer to IMDb here and Deadline here.

Stay tuned for more news about celebrity visits to Montreal!

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