Montreal Legend Leonard Cohen Honoured In New Canada Post Stamps & Truck (Photos)

Canada post released 3 new stamps this weekend that will be available at select post offices.
Montreal Legend Leonard Cohen Honoured In New Canada Post Stamps & Truck (Photos)
  • Canada Post has released a series of new stamps in memory of legendary Montreal singer, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen.
  • A truck decked out in Cohen imagery will also be making rounds through the city,

This weekend, Canada Post released an all-new series of stamps that depict legendary songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen in honour what would've been his 85th birthday. Cohen passed away in 2016 and left behind a legacy that will reverberate for decades to come. 

Canada Post's Leonard Cohen stamps were unveiled at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Friday evening. Also announced was a brand new album to be released soon titled Thanks for the Dance. 

Three stamps were released, depicting Cohen at various stages throughout his storied career. In the mid-60s, after struggling to make in-roads as a poet, he showed two songs to folk singer Judy Collins who subsequently released them on her album. Shortly after, the legend of Leonard Cohen began in 1967 with the release of Songs of Leonard Cohen. 

As perhaps Montreal's most prominent literary figure of the last 50 years, Cohen's influence can be felt in every generation. Hundreds of singers and artists have covered "Hallelujah," one of the world's best-known songs.

After countless awards and successes, Cohen's legacy is now posthumously honoured by Canada Post with the release of these new stamps, available online and at select Canada Post retailers.

Friday night's unveiling in the Glass Court at the Montreal Museum of Arts featured a touching video tribute, a live performance, and a sneak preview of one of Cohen's new songs from his forthcoming album. 

Overlooking the Leonard Cohen mural that gazes down on Crescent, Canada Post's tribute stamps unfurled to a captivated audience of Cohen's fans, friends, and family. 

Teddy Elliot

The first stamp shows a young Cohen, around the time of his 60s debut. 

Teddy Elliot

The second depicts Cohen in the 1980s during the time he released his most famous song "Hallelujah." 

Teddy Elliot

And the third shows Cohen in the latter stages of his career during an 18-month world tour that he undertook in his 70s. Cohen passed away in 2016 at the age of 82. 

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Along with the stamps, Canada Post also unveiled an all-new delivery truck adorned with Cohen's likeness that'll be rolling into a neighbourhood near you. 

Teddy Elliot

Customers can also purchase a range of collectible envelopes and other items at participating Canada Post retailers. 

Teddy Elliot

Jessica Macdonald, Chair of the Board of Directors at Canada Post says that "Canada Post is proud to pay tribute to this memorably gifted man whose words and music have touched Canadians and people around the world." 

If you're a fan of Leonard Cohen and want to honour his legacy, head to your nearest Canada Post and get yourself some stamps!

To purchase the stamps online, visit the official Canada Post website