Cineplex Is Opening New 18+ VIP Theatres In Montreal With Reclining Chairs & A Bar

Plus an expanded food menu.
New Cineplex VIP Rooms In Montreal Will Include Reclining Chairs & A Bar

Cineplex has just announced the upcoming arrival of new VIP rooms at the Forum Downtown. The popular theatre in the complex on Atwater and rue Ste-Catherine will be renamed the Cinema Cineplex Forum and VIP. This will be the second-largest VIP cinema in Quebec and will be equipped with five luxury rooms as well as a lounge bar that sells liquor if you are 18 years and over of course.

The five VIP rooms will also include comfortable, reclining seating.

Cineplex has one other VIP cinema in Quebec, located in Brossard, which opened in 2012, but this will be the first of its kind on the Island of Montreal.

The rooms will be located on the lower floor of the existing cinema and will offer guests an exclusive, one of a kind, movie viewing experience, according to a press release.

Daniel Séguin, Vice President of Operations in Eastern Canada and the General Manager for Quebec stated that this will be “a place for sharing experiences.”

He also went on to say that the VIP cinema will "enrich” the movie-going experience.

"As Canada's entertainment landscape continues to evolve, we are excited to offer our guests in Montreal exciting new experiences that cannot be replicated at home."

Moviegoers will also have the chance to have their food and drinks ordered and delivered directly to their seats.

Now that is VIP treatment. 

And, if that wasn’t good enough service, VIP guests will be able to order off the menu right from their phone using the Cineplex app.

The expanded Cineplex VIP menu will include salads, homemade pizzas, burgers, and a wide range of delicious desserts in addition to the regular movie theatre fare.

A selection of wines, beers, and cocktails round out the menu.

Those who like to hang out before or after viewing a film will have the chance to relax in the VIP lounge, which also happens to be a bar — how convenient!

These luxurious, must-see VIP rooms are going to be ready for business in April 2020.

This means we are only a few months away from taking part in this lavish, movie-going experience.

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