Costco Is Opening A New "Green" Warehouse On The South Shore With "Even More Savings"

Yes, there will be hot dogs.
Costco Is Opening A New "Green" Warehouse On The South Shore With "Even More Savings"
  • Just in time for the holiday season, there's a new giant Costco Wholesale Canada opening only 30-minutes from Montreal!
  • Word on the street is it's going to bigger and "greener" than other Costco warehouses.
  • Find out all the details about the new store below!

Just in time for the holiday consumerism season to begin, there is a brand new Costco Wholesale Canada moving into Saint-Bruno, only 30-minutes drive away from Montreal. Smart thinking. Promising to be "bigger and better" and replacing the now-closed St-Hubert location, this new Costco will have a gas station with 24 fuel pumps, a tire centre and is expected to create an estimated 90 additional jobs. 

The new warehouse opens November 13, so get your Costco membership card up to date to be able to shop for discounted prices on giant sizes of things you've never needed.  

Last year, the Saint-Hubert location was deemed too difficult to access as well as too small and old. This new larger Costco will have 155,000 square feet of all your favourite brands, including produce, cheeses, meats, wines and prepared platters that are a godsend for any party thrower. 

Taking over the original distribution centre near the CF Promenade, the Saint-Bruno warehouse will be so much bigger than its predecessor, offering 400 more products - making that 3800 products in total for clients to stuff their closets with. 

It will also offer the usual health and prescription services that have become synonymous with the multination corporation, which you don't need a membership to take advantage of!

Not only is the new locale going to be easier to get to, but it will also have more parking spots, so you don't have to drive in circles or slowly stalk people with carts heading back to their vehicles. 

If you've never been to one of the giant warehouses, check out some of the hidden perks of Costco. It's not all about buying in quantity.

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This Costco also promises to be Canada's "greenest warehouse" that includes updates like 260 trees to be planted in and around the area, paint and roof membranes that will help to mitigate heat, along with the preservation of existing flora.

If there's one reason to visit any Costco, it's not just being able to buy 17 of something, it's getting access to the cheapest (and yes, best value for the dollar) hot dogs. 

Fingers crossed this warehouse will also be as happy giving away free food samplings.  

A New Costco Is Opening in Saint-Bruno 

When: Opening November 13 at 8:00 a.m

Where: 1000 boulevard Saint-Bruno, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Cost: Annual membership: $120


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