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Part Of The Montreal Underground Is Transforming Into A 4 km Escape Game

For a limited time only during the Art Souterrain Festival.
New Escape Game In Montreal Will Take Over Part Of The Underground

Escape rooms have quickly become a go-to activity for anyone looking to challenge their mind and skill. These ultimate tests of patience can either bring out your worst or demonstrate that you can truly conquer the challenges before you. In recent years, escape games in Montreal have become extra creative as companies vie for the attention of residents with boundary-pushing designs of record-breaking scope.

But perhaps none is as exciting as the forthcoming escape game that will transform part of the Montreal Underground into a sprawling adventure.

A collaboration between the Art Souterrain Festival and local escape game company Échappe-toi, this impressive challenge expands more than four kilometres underground and gives players the chance to "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in an attempt to "revive this forgotten city."

The game adds a fantastical spin on the history of the Underground. Échappe-toi explains on its website that, in its narrative, "the company in charge of the construction of the tunnel under the city made an astonishing discovery: the earth is hollow."

"Thousands of Montrealers walk miles every day through what they associate with dark, lifeless corridors. They seem unaware that they are actually in the heart of a city that has become utopia: the underground city."

"Designed in the 1960s, each corridor was supposed to be an artery and bear a street name!"

Participants will "embark on a thrilling race to find the jewel that kept this civilization in balance."

"But beware, not everyone has an interest in bringing out the truth!"

The clock is ticking, however: you have just one hour to finish the challenge.

80 professional actors will guide teams through the twists and turns of the game and underground complex.

Échappe-toi tells MTL Blog that the game will occupy the Centre de Commerce Mondial. Another game, titled Chaos, will take place at the Palais des Congrès.

Anyone eight years old or older is allowed to play in groups of two to six people.

This is "an extraordinary opportunity to (re)discover Montreal and its history while having fun," Échappe-toi explains.

The game also offers a unique perspective on "the Art Souterrain Festival, dedicated to the visual arts and the revitalization of the public space through the arts."

More information on Art Souterrain is available here.

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth — The Forgotten City

When: February 29 – March 8, 2020

Where: Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

Cost: $25/person


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