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Hydro-Québec Is Hiring "Influencers" To Help Them Reach Young Quebecers & You Can Apply

The province's crown corporation is ready to get YouTube famous.
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Hydro-Québec Is Hiring "Influencers" To Help Them Reach Young Quebecers & You Can Apply
  • This new Hydro-Québec job has them looking for young, educated individuals to become their very own hydroelectricity influencers.
  • The position would require you to script and film videos, including interviews.
  • Plus, you get to travel all around Quebec! Details below.

Quebec's crown corporation is hiring. The Hydro-Québec job opening is now taking applications for content creators and videographers, seeking "influencer" types to try to appeal to a younger generation. 

The job is to "present solutions to environmental issues by creating relevant, entertaining and original video content that people will (really) want to watch."

Hydro-Québec hopes to attract young people to this position who will be "responsible for scripting the videos, presenting them in front of the camera and conducting the interviews." 

On Monday, Hydro-Québec was heavily criticized by the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec (FPJQ) because the original job description wrote that the company wanted to hire a "journalist". President of the FPJQ, Stéphane Giroux said in an interview with the Journal de Québec that Hydro-Québec was irresponsible to describe the job as such because journalists work for the general public and not for corporate interests. 

After apologizing to the FPJQ, Hydro-Québec re-packaged the job advertisement, indicating that an ideal candidate would have studied "in journalism, communication, environment or another relevant field". 

Other than the requisite CV and cover letter, Hydro-Québec also requires applicants to take a short environmental knowledge quiz and provide a "clickbait" title about themselves. 500 people have already applied, according to TVA Nouvelles

As with many corporations, Hydro-Québec is looking to enter an increasingly digital world by attracting younger people to interact with them. The content will be primarily on an independent YouTube channel. 

Crucially, social media knowledge and internet savvy are among the main qualifications for the job. Ideally, a content creator will be able to engage with an 18-24-year-old audience. 

The company doesn't have to compete with anyone, necessarily, but appealing to a younger crowd is important in this day and age. 

Translation: There's green in the air! Our logo is illuminated green to highlight that hydroelectricity is a solution to greenhouse gasses and climate change.

The sometimes notoriously cagey Hydro-Québec has been slowly opening itself up on social media in recent years and is making a push to become a provincial leader in green technologies to help fight climate change. 

To be considered for the job, an applicant has to be knowledgeable about innovations in green technology and create content that's original and informative.

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If hired, you'll start in November and have the opportunity to travel all around the province, producing creative content for Hydro-Québec. 

Videographers will need to know some graphic motion design, production, and also be comfortable appearing on camera once in a while. French is mandatory, naturally. 

In the past few months, Hydro-Québec's social media game has been full of pop culture references and playful joking around, much to the pleasure of Hydro customers. 

This summer, the company also partnered with Desjardins to open the first electric vehicle "supercharging" station. The company will work with Desjardins to open hundreds of more electric vehicle charging stations across Quebec. 

Translation: The Electric Circuit puts into operation a first charging superstation in an urban environment! More than sixty flash stations have been deployed since the beginning of the year and we will stay the course in the coming months.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Hydro-Québec influencer, apply online today

Applications are open until Monday, October 7th.  

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