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The STM Has A New Interactive Map & It Will Actually Give You Hope For The City's Future

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't think it would work.
New Interactive Montreal STM Map Will Give You Hope For The City's Future
  • The STM has launched a new campaign complete with an online interactive map of the STM network where users can track progress on the dozens of projects that will make the transit system more efficient and accessible.
  • The highlight of the perhaps surprisingly functional map is the projection of the blue line extension to Anjou and all of the work it entails.

The STM is upping its game as of late by trying to modernize and improve its quality of service both privately (behind the scenes) and publicly. The company just kicked off its latest campaign theme "Setting big ideas in motion" to show just how serious they are. And they're doing it all with the help of an interactive map of the STM network.

Here's the thing, it actually works and it's pretty cool. 

There are big plans for the Montreal metro over the next 10 years. With an estimated $16 billion dollar investment, the STM is starting its largest phase of development since the metro was built in the 1960s. And they're trying to keep Joe Public up to date with what it has in store. 

The map allows you to click on any metro station and see a description of the improvements or construction they have planned, complete with estimated start and finish dates, and whether it will have any impact on metro or bus services. 

It's not only individual metro station upgrades; the site also gives you the lowdown on citywide plans like implementing more reserved bus lanes, and making sure all stations have a mobile network. And a personal favourite: implementing real-time bus schedule options as I don't know how this is not a thing yet. I am more aware of where my Uber Eats delivery is at any moment than a bus. 

The STM has four main flagship projects at work here. One is to make sure metro stations are more accessible for everyone by equipping stations with much-needed elevators. Only 15 stations are currently completely accessible and the STM expects to reach 41 by 2025. 

Translation: In front of clients or behind the scenes, the #STM carries out projects of historic scale to improve service quality. Discover them with the campaign "Setting big ideas in motion."

[rebelmouse-image 26888888 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="876x480"] STM

The second is the plan to extend the blue line east by five stations. You can see on the map where the new stations will be and when they will be functional. You can nearly hear the people cheering.

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The third is finishing the SRB Pie-IX, a much more efficient, and desperately needed bus route that has been promised to us for a few years now. The rapid-transit bus will have its own dedicated bus lane that isn't slowed down by pesky things like turning cars, pedestrians or bikers. During peak hours, the bus would run every two minutes.

And here we are in 2019, so the last point is going electric. The STM says it will bring on 300 hybrid buses as a step toward creating a 100% electric bus fleet. 

The map and website run well so far. It's rather interesting to see exactly where our money goes and what the long-term plans are so far. 

Check out the STMProjets here

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