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Montreal's Giant New Glowing Neon Mural Has Become One Of The Coolest Spots In The City (Photos)

And it is here to stay!
Montreal's Giant New Glowing Neon Mural Has Become One Of The Coolest Spots In The City (Photos)
  • Interactive Neon Mural #4 by artist SpiderTag consists of a towering installation on the façade of a building in the Plateau.
  • We spoke to SpiderTag about his work and how long it will last in the city.

Neon lights are all the rage right now. Restaurants, hair salons and artists have all began incorporating neon fixtures into their décor and the results are outstanding.    

I am sure that many of you Montreal locals have noticed a massive and beautiful neon mural on Saint Laurent Boulevard, some of you may have even posed right in front of it for an attractive Instagram photo.

The piece, which is titled Interactive Neon Mural #4 was created by the talented SpiderTag, the other three murals are located in Hawaii, Chile and Worcester, Massachusetts. 

This eccentric artist has been producing these giant works of art for the past two years.  

I spoke with SpiderTag about his first and only piece of work in our city. He came to the 514 for Festival Mural and fell in love with ours city’s multiculturalism and artistic vibe.  

He sketched this design twenty times before finalizing his masterpiece and he hopes it will survive many years but admitted that “weather conditions are very extreme in this part of the world.” He followed by telling me that he had a lot of help from his assistant in Montreal and some friends along with two electricians to make this possible.  

We hope that this beautiful work of art survives our horrific winter, which is sadly right around the corner. In case it doesn’t and you have yet to check it out, it is located on the Southwest corner of ave. du Mont-Royal and boul. Saint-Laurent and if I am being honest, pictures do not so it justice.

In a city like Montreal that is filled with beautiful works of art on almost every street corner, it is hard to stand out. SpiderTag managed to do that, which is very commendable.

We are so happy he graced our city with his creativity, talent, and passion, and we hope that he comes back and creates another piece for us locals to pose in front of!  

Watch the video below to see how SpiderTag creative this epic piece:

Interactive Neon Mural #4

What: Enormous work of art by artist SpiderTag

Where: South West corner of Mount Royal and Saint Laurent

Check out the artist here!

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