New Netflix Series Features Quebec Man Trying To Make Poutine Popular In England

They call them "cheesy chips!" 😂
New Netflix Series Features Quebec Man Trying To Make Poutine Popular In England

A new season of Netflix's Million Pound Menu was released yesterday, meaning a whole new season of hopeful restauranteurs vying for their chance to see if they can make it in the testy British food scene.

And you may be surprised to know that there's a contender on this new season who we should all hold dear to our hearts.

A couple years ago we wrote about Blue Caribou Snack Bar, the "Poutine Canteen" in Manchester that has been serving up the "best poutine outside of Montreal," to Brits about town.

Now the boys of Blue Caribou have been given a shot to spread the love of fries-gravy-cheese curds and expand their operations on Netflix's new season of Million Pound Menu.

The show runs on a classic contest format, where three contesting restaurants are given a chance to showcase their food and restaurant idea to the judges in a preliminary round. 

The judges then choose one of the restaurants to move on to the next round, where they are given a space to really show what they are made of, including service and full presentation.

Blue Caribou is a married-team duo, Graham and Vincent. Graham is clearly from the Isles, as you'll be able to tell from his accent when you watch the show. Meaning Vincent is our boy from La Belle Province.

I will not spoil the outcome of the episode with our boys in blue, but I will spoil the poutine they serve to the judges in the first round...

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The first poutine Blue Caribou served up to the judges was this beautiful creation below, which they smartly called the "Reuben Poutine," topped with pastrami, Quebec-style cheese curds, gravy and a drizzle of classic yellow moutarde.

And how can you forget a pickle?

I say "smartly" called the Reuben because I feel like I can hear Vincent in the back going, "We can't call it Smoked Meat if it's not really Smoked Meat!"

They clearly know how to keep it 514% authentic.

To catch the episode in full and to find out the fate of the Blue Caribou boys, head to Netflix here. You'll find them on Season 2, Episode 3.

To find out more about Blue Caribou Canteen and maybe plan a visit there night time you're across the pond, head to their website, Facebook or Instagram

No, but really, if you ever go... please let us know how it stacks up to local poutine. You can always send us a tweet on Twitter or a message on Instagram.