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Montreal Is Getting A New 30,000 Square Meter Park With An Orchard & Grotto

It will be next to a new housing development.
New Park In Montreal Will Be Adjacent To A New Housing Project

The borough of Lachine announced yesterday that it will soon have an all-new public space thanks to the donation of land by the Sisters of Saine-Anne that totals over 15,000 square metres. The new park in Montreal will adjoin with another green space of the same size, meaning the total size of the park will be over 30,000 square metres. The land has been given to the borough in exchange for care of the adjacent cemetery, which is reserved for the Sister of Sainte-Anne.

The congregation previously donated the first plot of green space, seen below, which included a hundred-year-old orchard and religious grotto.

The addition of another 15,000 square metres is in exchange for maintenance work which will be carried out by the borough "in perpetuity."

The Motherhouse of the Sisters of Sainte-Anne was also sold in 2018. The "immense landscaped grounds and buildings will be converted to mixed residential purposes with a predominantly social and community focus."

The recently donated land is located directly behind the Motherhouse, between rues Provost and Duffcourt.

Below is a map of the area where the park will be, in between the two green spaces behind the current Motherhouse of the Sisters of Sainte-Anne. On the left is the cemetery and on the right is the Dalbé-Viau High School.

This decision will protect this vast green space as an accessible community property.

[rebelmouse-image 26886289 photo_credit="Google Maps" expand=1 original_size="948x694"] Google Maps

Though the Motherhouse has been given to the borough for use as social housing, the sisters will still be entitled to a new building on the land they owned. 

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The projected plan for the Motherhouse includes 450 residential units, "150 for the sisters and 240 for people over the age of 75 or in loss of autonomy."

[rebelmouse-image 26886290 photo_credit="L'Office de consultation publique de Montr\u00e9al" expand=1 original_size="641x536"] L'Office de consultation publique de Montréal

The plan also includes the intention to "conserve and rehabilitate the Chaplain's House and to transform the Chapel into a multi-functional accessible room."

[rebelmouse-image 26886291 photo_credit="L'Office de consultation publique de Montr\u00e9al" expand=1 original_size="989x425"] L'Office de consultation publique de Montréal

The Sainte-Anne congregation has been in Lachine since 1861 and purchased the Allen farm in order to erect the Motherhouse in 1900. 

The central pavilion was erected in 1906 with wing additions in 1936 and 1963. 

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