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You Can Swing Under Palm Trees At This New Tropical-Themed Art-Deco Public Square In Montreal (Photos)
  • A new public space and terrasse in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie will feature palm trees, lounge chairs, and colourful decorations.
  • The development is part of an effort to create more green and pedestrian-friendly areas in the city.

Montreal is bringing a little taste of the South to the Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie area in a newly designed public square where you can relax the end of the summer away while staring up at the palm trees that will line the space. 

The development is part of Montreal's ever-evolving plan to bring more public and green pedestrian spaces to the city; building will begin in the next couple of days with plans for the new design to be finished by the end of August.  

There will be 15 palm trees in total, and with the Art Deco-inspired design, it's almost like being smack dab in the heart of Miami — with of course a little québécois flavour thrown in.   

Located directly across from the Saint-Esprit-de-Rosemont Church, the park will take inspiration from its grand surroundings. Elements from the church influenced the park's hummingbirds painted on the ground; the palm trees are a nod to the fan patterns on the church façade. 

The reinvented public space on Masson, between 5th and 6th Avenue promises to, "enhance and secure the pedestrian experience while helping to reduce car speeds." 

This makes it the perfect place to relax with a good book, or just people-watch, without vehicles speeding past you; another Montreal space that doesn't make it feel like you're in the middle of a city. 

The space is just under 80 square meters. There are eight different zones with over 80 seats that include two swings (they're not just for kids), three picnic tables, eleven Adirondack chairs, bistro tables and seventeen seats, two high tables, and four benches. 

In keeping with the theme, colours are in shades of coral, yellow and green — to give the feel of a colourful and fresh environment. Everything about this space will draw you in for a little R&R time. 

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Palm trees will also bring a bit of shade so you're not baking in the direct heat of the sun. And the multitude of flowers and vegetable bins will keep the space fresh. 

The space in its new form won't be available for long. Not surprisingly, palm trees don't do well in Montreal winters. The theme will be removed at the end of October and relocated for next spring. 

With so many reinvented spaces popping up through Montreal, this is definitely one we are excited to see come together. 

Rue Masson Art Deco Public Space Village 

WHEN: End of August to the end of October

WHERE: Masson between 5th and 6th avenue 

COST: Free for the public to use! 

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