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New Video Shows What It Will Be Like To Ride Montreal's Advanced Automated Light-Rail Train Line

Not an April Fool's Day joke.
New Video Shows What It Will Be Like To Ride Montreal's Advanced Automated Light-Rail Train Line

Despite an extensive metro network and remarkably efficient train schedules, Montreal certainly has its transit woes. For decades, inaccess has been one of the biggest problems. Areas dense in population, like Montréal Nord, are underserved by the STM. The lack of a simple, fast connection between suburban areas and downtown has also been a problem.

To address at least some of these problems, officials devised a new light rail transit network, the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM). According to plans, the REM lines will be fully automated, operating as a kind of third option outside of the metro and commuter train network.

One REM line will finally connect the South Shore of the St. Lawrence, downtown (at McGill and Bonaventure metro stations), and the Montreal Trudeau airport.

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TLDR: The Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) will connect the South Shore, downtown, airport, and other suburban areas via an automated light-rail network. A video released over the weekend offers the first glimpse of what commuters can one day expect. The REM is supposed to be operational in 2021.

While the most tangible signs yet of REM construction have been service disruptions and road closures, the organization responsible for the project has continued to release some pretty beautiful renderings.

One such release came this past weekend. A new video posted to th REM website shows what it will be like for commuters to ride the automated trains. The images are pretty eye-catching.

Here are some views of the train interiors:


With their tripoles and integrated cabins, the trains resemble the Azur metro cars used by the STM.


The driverless trains will also enable passengers to stand at their front and enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding area, especially as the trains cross the new Champlain Bridge, which will include tracks specifically for the REM.


In addition to panoramic views, REM cars will have wifi, heating, and air conditioning. The cars will be fully accessible and stations will include walls that prevent passengers from accessing the tracks. This will hopefully mean that there will be no service interruptions due to the presence of unauthorized individuals or objects in the path of trains.

Watch the stunning new video below:

The REM is supposed to be operational in 2021. We'll see.

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