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You Can Go Tubing Under The Stars On Mount Royal Starting This Weekend

What we've all been waiting for!
You Can Go Tubing Under The Stars On Mount Royal Starting This Weekend

Thanks to a recent cold spell and significant snowfall, most of Montreal's wintertime activities are now open to the public. According to the municipal website, that includes just about every public skating rink in the city - some of them are free, too. But, for the most popular activities in the city, we look to our city's most famous mountain. And this weekend, night tubing on Mount Royal is finally beginning!

On the website for Les amis de la montagne, the non-profit organization charged with organizing the park's schedule of activities, it's noted that the "Tubing under the Stars" event was supposed to commence in the first week of January. But, a representative confirmed to MTL Blog that the evening tubing will finally begin this week, on January 24.

We are all aware that Montreal weather can be a little unpredictable, which is what delayed the opening of tubbing under the stars in the first place. But, what's stopping us now?

As the City of Montreal is responsible for maintaining this outdoor installation, they ask participants to check seasonal updates on their website, where they will update the conditions in French.

This exhilarating winter activity not only offers a unique experience to riders. In addition, the nighttime and starlit ride overlooks Beaver Lake, allowing you to take in the views while soaring down the mountain. 

Daily passes are available on the ground level of the Beaver Lake Pavilion, as well as at the foot of the snow-tubbing corridor. 

These anticipated night rides will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings, weather permitting of course. You can either bring your own tube or rent one on-site - either way, you will be getting down that hill! 

This is a way to embrace the cold and glide into the fun that winter has to offer. This star-lit experience is one you will not soon forget.

Just be sure to dress warm, of course.

If night tubbing is not your thing, Mount Royal offers pretty much every winter sport you can think of. Along with tubing and skating you can also enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing through the forest, making this a winter lovers paradise.

I'm aware that the weather has a way of getting our spirits down, but we're from Montreal, we don't let the cold get the best of us.

And, speeding through a starlit mountain may ignite a newfound passion for the season, you never know. 

Tubbing Under The Stars

When: Friday & Saturdays from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Where: Beaver Lake


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