Nintendo Has Shut Down The Pokémon Pop-Up Bar That Was Supposed To Open In Montreal

Last month, we reported that a new Pokémon-themed pop-up bar was coming to Montreal in June of 2020. I know I wasn’t the only person who was super pumped to check it out. I also know that I am not the only person who is disappointed to hear that this pop-up extravaganza has been cancelled.

This bar was supposed to be open for a limited time and host live-action battles, including trivia and interactive games.

Sadly for all of us, the creators of the event found themselves in a legal back and forth with Nintendo. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, the event has been cancelled.

However, those behind the pop-up wanted to put their talent and skill to good use and have come up with a new idea to draw customers to their doors. A "Monster Brunch" has now replaced the Pokémon pop-up, and though organizers have not released much information, we do know that it will be a "themed burger and trivia bar."

A spokesperson for the pop-up told MTL Blog that "despite being unaffiliated with Pokémon Nintendo, we have been given no other option but to change the name of the event and a number of elements.”

They went on to say that they are in the process of rebranding and re-launching the event in “the cities where tickets were already for sale” and that “all customers were contacted and offered the option either transferring their ticket to the re-launch event or receiving a full refund.”  

The website states that there will be “themed burgers and trivia brunch” but that is pretty much all they are giving us. I am hoping one of those themed burgers is those Pokémon burgers because those looked really good and photogenic.

[rebelmouse-image 26889296 photo_credit="courtesy The Monster Brunch" expand=1 original_size="1200x630"] courtesy The Monster Brunch

I personally like the mystery of it all and although I am super disappointed that I won't be able to catch em’ all, I am still excited that there may be something new coming to Montreal.

Organizers have not confirmed that the Monster Burger Bar is coming to Montreal, but if it does, you know MTL Blog will keep you posted.

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