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Nominations Are Open For The Highest Honour In Montreal & You Can Nominate Anyone You Want

The biggest legends and icons of notre belle ville.
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Nominations Are Open For The Order Of Montreal & You Can Nominate Anyone You Want
  • Voting has begun for the 2020 Order of Montreal, which consists of citizens who have contributed to the growth and prosperity of our beloved city.
  • The MTL Blog team has created a list of nominees who are dear to our hearts and that we believe deserve some serious recognition. 
  • Find our votes below!

Nominations for the Order de Montreal's class of 2020 are now open! The distinction is awarded to Montrealers from "all walks of life who have made Montreal a stronger and prouder city through their achievements, talents and characters."

Locals can nominate an inspiring Montrealer for the distinction until October 31, 2019. People of all ages and backgrounds who contribute to Montreal's success and cultural heritage are eligible for nomination.

Those who are elected to the Order will receive a medal designed by Jacques Desbiens that incorporates Montreal's official symbols and the motto "well-being through harmony."

The Order of Montreal began in 2016 under the administration of Denis Coderre. Since then, the Order has honoured hundreds of legendary Montrealers including Alanis Obomsawin, Guy Laliberté, and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. 

Here at MTL Blog, we encounter inspiring Montrealers every single day. Some are local, everyday heroes who make this city a better place to live. Others are legends who have shockingly not been considered for distinction in the Order until now. 

Here are the most distinguished people (including some honourable mentions) that have our vote for the Order of Montreal in 2020!

There are a few criteria to consider before we cast our nominations. To be eligible, nominees must meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • Born on the territory of Montreal's urban agglomeration

  • Reside or have resided in Montreal for at least 5 years

  • Work or have worked in Montreal for at least 5 years

Elected officials, former members of the Order, and people with criminal records are not eligible for nomination. 

The nomination must be done by a third-party and have at least two supporters to be considered. That means you can't nominate yourself! 

Here are some famous Montrealers you should consider:

Metro Duck 

There's nothing in the rules that says you can't nominate an animal, so our first suggestion is Montreal's fabulous crested metro duck!

You might remember that this duck that was spotted two weeks ago, riding the rails and sporting an incredible hairdo.

The duck deserves all consideration because not only does he make everyone's day better, he's also super polite by not taking up a reserved metro seat.

Singing Metro Driver 

Speaking of things in the metro that make your day better, how about the Singing Metro Driver?

You might've heard him in the wee hours of the night on the metro's Orange Line, imitating an airline pilot, serenading commuters with various jingles, and cracking one-liners.

Montreal's Karate Kid 

Karate Kid

Last month, this kid was spotted doing karate on an unsuspecting orange cone.

We believe he deserves nomination simply based on how perfectly he encapsulates everything that Montrealers feel about the constant construction.

Carey Price 

Carey Christ. Jesus Price. Whatever you call him, he certainly deserves to be considered for the Order of Montreal.

As one of the NHL's best goalies, Carey Price has become a legend and deserves to be forever enshrined among Montreal's most honoured residents.

Leonard Cohen

Yep, Leonard Cohen ISN'T in the Order of Montreal. Believe me, I checked.

Though it would be a posthumous nomination, Cohen deserves to be considered for his contributions to not only Montreal but to the world at large.

Flambo, the Montreal Canadiens' Dog 

Again, no one said anything about not nominating animals!

Though he's a young pup, Flambo certainly deserves to be considered for the Order. Hopefully, he'll help the Habs win their elusive 25th Stanley Cup.

I mean, look at him. He's so cute. How could you not nominate him?

Caramel the One-Eyed Cat


Continuing with the animal theme, this furball scared the bejeezus out of a Canada Post mailman last week. The mailman was afraid that the cuddly kitty would "eat him" if he got too close.

Caramel, a 14-year old one-eyed cat, deserves consideration for his brave battle (and win!) against cancer and for being the most intimidating little fur baby ever.

The Gay Village Rainbow Balls 

Montrealers were sad to see them leave the Gay Village after almost 10 years. The iconic balls were one of the city's most well-known landmarks.

Why not honour their memory forever with a nomination to the Order?

Jack Layton 

On a more serious note, former NDP leader Jack Layton certainly deserves consideration to the Order for his political contributions and incredible spirit.

Born in Montreal, Layton led the NDP to great success in the 2011 federal election. He sadly lost his battle against cancer shortly after, but his legacy will forever live on in the hearts of politically progressive Canadians.


And finally, our nomination list wouldn't be complete without Youppi!

For 40 years, Youppi! has entertained Montrealers from all walks of life and has represented the Montreal Expos and the Montreal Canadiens with pride.

Honourable Mentions: 

Those who don't meet the criteria but should be considered regardless!

Céline Dion 

Céline isn't technically a Montrealer, nor does she reside here, but after Leonard Cohen, perhaps no other Quebec artist has had such a scale of world influence.

If Céline ever feels like coming back to live in Montreal (for at least 5 years), she'll undoubtedly be the first on our list.


What makes everyone's day better? What inspires more people to be creative? And what do Montrealers love above all else?

To submit your nomination to the Order of Montreal, please visit the official website!

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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