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Montreal Is Letting 16 Bars Serve Alcohol Until 6 a.m. For Nuit Blanche 2020

16 bars will be allowed to stay open so late it'll be early.
Montreal Is Letting 16 Bars Serve Alcohol Until 6 a.m. For Nuit Blanche 2020
  • If you're looking for things to do in Montreal this winter, there's no question that Montreal's Nuit Blanche 2020 has to be on your list.
  • Every year the city comes alive with art and music for one long night.
  • And, thanks to the City of Montreal, there will be 16 spots open and serving alcohol until 6 a.m. this year.

Just like with Igloofest, Montrealers also have Nuit Blanche every year as an excuse to ignore the frigid temperatures, come together and revel in the dark, cold, magical Montreal nights. Montreal's Nuit Blanche 2020 will take place from the evening of February 29 until the early morning hours of March 1, 2020, and 16 establishments are going to be open and able to serve liquor until 6 a.m., thanks to the City of Montreal.

Luc Rabouin, Montreal's minister responsible for economic and commercial development, along with the City of Montreal Executive Committee let us know that they intend to provide a handful of bars the permits necessary to keep their doors open and keep serving pretty much all night long.

Of course, this isn't a citywide free-for-all. The establishments who will be granted the permits are ones that are participating in Nuit Blanche and that fall within the geographical boundaries of the event.

The number of establishments given this permit has only increased over the years, with 9 locations in the Quartier Latin in 2016, then 12 establishments in 2017 and 2019.

In 2020, the 16 spots open and serving alcohol until 6 a.m. will be in both the Quartier Latin and the Village.

Here are the 16 spots where you can hide from the cold and warm yourself from the inside out with a drink well into the wee hours of the morning during Nuit Blanche 2020.

  • Arcade MTL, 2031 rue Saint-Denis

  • Les 3 Brasseurs, 1658 rue Saint-Denis

  • Pub L'Abreuvoir, 403 rue Ontario Est

  • Bistro à Jojo, 1627 rue Saint-Denis

  • Edgar Hyper Lodge, 1738 rue Saint-Denis

  • Pub L'Île Noire, 1649 rue Saint-Denis

  • Café Hookah Lounge/Patrick's Irish Pub, 1699 rue Saint-Denis

  • Le Saint-Bock Brasserie artisanale, 1749 rue Saint-Denis

  • Turbo Haüs, 2040 rue Saint-Denis

  • Meltdown Esports Bar, 2035 rue Saint-Denis

  • Saint-Houblon, 1567 rue Saint-Denis

  • Le Petit Moscou, 323 rue Ontario Est

  • Le Date Piano Bar, 1218 rue Sainte-Catherine Est

  • District Video Lounge, 1365 rue Sainte-Catherine Est

  • Bar Renard, 1272 rue Sainte-Catherine Est

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The other great all-night part of Nuit Blanche is that the STM usually stays open. They've not yet made an announcement regarding Nuit Blanche 2020, but we can probably expect that to come pretty soon.

[rebelmouse-image 26887211 photo_credit="Soci\u00e9t\u00e9 de transport de Montr\u00e9al" expand=1 original_size="1200x630"] Société de transport de Montréal

Of course, that doesn't mean the bus or metro will be free... but last year, the STM did offer up an Unlimited Evening pass for $5.25, which is a pretty great price considering the amount of bussing and metro-ing around you'll likely do if you head out this year.

Nuit Blanche has been happening in Montreal since 2004, and every year it proves itself to be an amazing event with endless things to do and see all night long.

This year, in addition to the art installations found all over the city, musical artists Tchami and 070 Shake will also be performing shows at different event locations.

The full program will be unveiled in February. You can keep yourself updated on the Nuit Blache Montreal website here.

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