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Officials On Montreal's South Shore Are Asking People To Use The Toilet Less This Week

Consume less water to limit your "rejection."
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Officials On Montreal's South Shore Are Asking People To Use The Toilet Less This Week

Residents of the Montreal metro area are accustomed to living among the seemingly ridiculous demands of constant construction.

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TL;DR Officials in Longueuil are asking residents to limit their water consumption and reduce flushing while crews work to repair a sewer pipe beneath the Saint Lawrence River. While work is underway, 7% of the city's waste will be dumped into the river.

Long and unending detours, for example, have become a routine part of morning commutes. 

But the latest request from officials in Longueuil is definitely among the top five most laughable requests in recent memory.

City representatives are asking residents to use the toilet less. More specifically, according to the Journal de Montreal, officials have requested that people reduce their water consumption in order to limit discharge into the river.

The reason: repair work on a sewer pipe near the la Fontaine tunnel.

Earlier this year, inspectors discovered that part of the pipe was leaking sewage into the river. Today, crews began redirecting the flow of sewage in order to replace the broken section of pipe.

In sum, 150 million litres of sewage will be dumped into the river this week. Though officials assure residents that this dump will neither affect the quality of drinking water in the area nor have a lasting environmental impact.

Tap water will still be viable, but residents should be sure to consume less to do their part to reduce the amount of sewage that flows into the river.

In addition to less frequent flushing, residents should also be careful to take shorter showers, for example.

All citizens should refrain from coming into contact with river water around Boucherville, however.

The request to use the toilet less is, of course, not an order, nor is it really enforceable.

Major work on the sewer pipe should be complete by mid-next week. Residents of Montreal's South Shore should stay tuned for updates from their local representatives.

Read the city press release for more information.

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