Oka Beach Is Hosting A Mesmerizing Water Lantern Festival This Fall

Participants will release their lanterns onto the Lac des Deux Montagnes.
Oka Beach Is Hosting A Mesmerizing Water Lantern Festival This Fall

Hearing the words 'Water Lantern Festival' doesn't necessarily make me want to run out and buy a ticket, but seeing pictures of the festival in action does.

This is one of the most visually stunning events Quebec has to offer and it's coming to Oka Beach this fall

Guests are invited to take part by releasing a lantern with their own wishes, dreams, or messages of happiness onto the water. Watching over a thousand glowing lanterns filled with strangers' personal hopes afloat on Lac des Deux Montagnes can quiet any cynical heart. 

The event doors open at 4:30 PM on September 28. Each adult ticket includes a bracelet, a commemorative cord bag, a lantern, and a marker to write messages. 

Some people write a simple message while others unleash their artistic prowess. But at 8 PM, once the lanterns are released, it really is a visual orgasm.

While the Lantern Festival is billed as a 'peaceful and memorable experience' there will still be music and food trucks on hand

Tickets are $50 at the door, but you can get early bird prices by purchasing before September 15 ($38,99) or before September 27 ($42.99).

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The festival has appeared in major cities around Canada. It's the perfect stage for reflection, openness, and sharing. And it's all done under the glow of tiki torches.

You can't bring your own lantern. The lanterns supplied by the event are made of wood and rice paper and are 100% ecological to keep the lakes safe. The hosts of the event also promise to collect any debris that may be left. 

Water Lantern Festival

WHEN: September 28 4:30 PM – 9 PM

WHERE: 2020 Chemin d'Oka; Oka beach


  • $38.99 if you buy before September 15

  • $42.99 if you buy before September 27

  • $50.00 if you buy the day of the event


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