Old Montreal Was Transformed Into New York In 1942 For A Movie (Photos)

Tons of A-list actors were in the city for filming.
Old Montreal Was Transformed Into New York In 1942 For A Movie (Photos)

Admit it, we all love when Montreal is chosen as the filming location for a movie. It's exciting to be going about your typical day and just see a movie set in our city. Plus, knowing how many famous people are in the city at once gets super exhilarating as well.

TL;DR Old Montreal's Quebec Court of Appeal was transformed into New York in 1942 for the film "Midway" which is releasing in 2019. The movie has casted quite a few huge actors for the depiction of the famous WWII battle.

What's even more amazing is when Montreal is used as a historical set, often for movies about true events taking place in earlier eras. With all of the old, well-kept areas of the city to choose from, there's no doubt that we're definitely a hotspot for cinematic success.

When you think about history, obviously Old Montreal comes to mind. Well, thanks to this incredible transformation for the new "Midway" movie being released in 2019, we're all in awe of how much the Quebec Court of Appeal looks like its set in the 1940's.

Via mxyzt | Reddit

The film captures the 1942 Battle of Midway during WWII, which was six months after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour. Historians call this battle a true turning point in the war, so it's only fitting that a movie will be re-capturing its essence. What better city to film historical pieces in than Montreal?

From what we know, this set is meant to depict New York in the '40s, and you have to admit they did a pretty good job. But what's even more exciting than even a filming location as cool as this, are the actors that were on set just a few days ago.

Huge actors and actresses such as Mandy Moore, Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson and even Nick Jonas have been casted for "Midway". It's not confirmed they were actually in Montreal during the filming, but we can only guess that the chances are pretty high.

In fact, this isn't the first time the movie has had a filming location in Montreal. Just last month Woody Harrelson was on set at Notre Dame Street for another scene of the film. It's official, the city is really being taken over by these incredible actors!

@woodyharrelsonembedded via

Unfortunately you won't be able to spot this historical movie set in Old Montreal again, as it was already taken down after filming. We can only hope that more locations across the city are planned for the future, because we can't get enough of this movie!

Let us know if you spot any movie stars or filming locations across the city!

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