You'll Be Able To Hang With Roaming Sheep At A Montreal Park This Summer

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You'll Be Able To Hang With Roaming Sheep At A Montreal Park This Summer

A note to all locals animal lovers: this summer is going to be a wild ride for us. We already know how action-packed Montreal summers can be with all of its festivals, and this summer is looking up to be no exception. Biquette, the company that has run this same project for the last four years, confirmed with MTL Blog that the sheep we saw roaming around one of Montreal's parks last year will be making their way to our city again this June. 

Last year, seven sheep got to hang out in Parc Maisonneuve, while eight others became locals in the Botanical Gardens, which is a smaller section inside of the park. So, if you were already planning a picnic there this summer, you may just have some wooly guests joining you dring it.

On Biquette Montreal's Instagram, you can see a myriad of cute photos of these animals looking ultra-content with their temporary whereabouts. On this page, the company also takes the time to introduce each of their sheep by name and personality description.

Some may be quick to think that Biquette's sheep are unhappy with this sort of situation, but the company has confirmed otherwise.

Just like us humans, these sheep get to roam freely through the grass. 

In the about section on Biquette's Facebook page, it states that "through the presence of animals in the city, we wish to contribute to the education of the general public on environmental and societal issues."

"When not in town, our happy herd returns home with the founder of the project in the Laurentians. All our animals are treated with great care and love and are not exploited in any way."

But even with this in mind, it's important for us to all remember that these animals deserve the same respect that we do.

So, never bother them if it seems like they don't wanna hang with you — they may just be having a bad day.

The exact opening date will be announced on Biquette's Facebook page, so make sure to watch out for that! The sheep are expected to be introduced to the park in early June 2020.

They're also always in need of volunteers, so keep your eyes peeled for postings if you're looking to spend your days hanging with some wooly cuties.

Sheep in Parc Maisonneuve

When: Official date has not yet be confirmed, but is set to begin in early June

Where: Parc Maisonneuve & Botanical Gardens

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How excited are you for this upcoming Montreal summer?

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