Oprah Winfrey Spotted Hanging Out In Montreal's Mount Royal Park

She spent a day at Beaver Lake this week!
Oprah Winfrey Spotted Hanging Out In Montreal's Mount Royal Park

If you've been following Oprah's social media, you'll have noticed that the superstar has spent quite a bit of time in Montreal

The former talk show host came to Montreal to promote her new book, The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose. Her show, which was held in a packed Bell Center on Sunday, June 16, drew quite a crowd.

Though she didn't have any cars to give away to the crowd that attended her show on Sunday, Oprah did surprise one superfan in an unexpected way

The star also spent more time in Montreal than anyone expected.

On Monday, the day following her show, Oprah visited a school in Pierrefonds. An English teacher at Collège Beaubois, who is an Oprah superfan, made a video with the help of her students that caught the star's attention.

The video evidently moved Oprah: she called the teacher out onstage during her show and told the teacher that she would be visiting her school the following day.

Oprah explains in a caption to her video, "Valerie Kamel uses the lessons she learned on the Oprah show to teach her classes at Collège Beaubois in Montreal...  I saw the post and surprised her on stage in Montréal."

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The following day, Oprah made good on her promise, making her way out to the West Island to visit the teacher and talk to the school.

The following day, the social media star posted a photo of herself wearing a Beaubois sweatshirt while hiking on Mont Royal. Seriously, does it get more Montreal than that?

Oprah said, "Thank you Montreal. 3 cheers to you all and loved walking in your beautiful Mount Royal Park!"

The star spent more time in the city that anyone expected, and definitely took the time to enjoy the sights, visit and relax. Not only that, but she also volunteered time to surprise a fan and help a school.

If that isn't proof that the star loves the city, I don't know what is.

Read more about Oprah's surprise visit by reading Global News' article.

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