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Toronto Is The #1 Worst Bed Bug City In Canada, Montreal Is #13

Do the results surprise you?
Toronto Is The #1 Worst Bed Bug City In Canada, Montreal Is #13

Orkin Canada, one of the country's leading pest control specialists, released its ranking of the most bed bug prone cities in Canada and the results might surprise some Montrealers. According to Orkin's 2019 data, Toronto is the most bed bug filled city in Canada. Montreal is far behind, ranked the 13th most bed bugged city. 

For those of you who've had to deal with the nightmare of bed bugs in Montreal, this news might come as a surprise to you. Whether it's you, a friend or even the bus, bed bugs seem to be everywhere in Montreal. According to Orkin, though, Montreal isn't even in the top 10! 

If there's one list you don't want your city to rank high on, it's this one. Toronto and it's near 3 million inhabitants will be a little skeeved out at this news, though I'm sure those living in Front Street condos ought to be ok. Leslieville or Little Portugal locals might see them a little more often - sorry! Five southern Ontario cities made the top 10, in fact. 

Rounding out the top 10 most bed bug prone cities along with Toronto are Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John's, Ottawa, Scarborough, Halifax, Oshawa, Sudbury, and Hamilton.

Montrealers rejoice because this is yet another thing you can hold over the heads of your Toronto friends! 

Orkin states that "in less than two decades, bed bugs have gone from a rarely experienced irritant to a major problem thriving in clean and dirty homes alike."

Orkin sourced their data from the number of commercial and residential bed bug treatments carried out by the company in 2019. The good news is that while bed bugs are gross, you can manage an infestation relatively easy. 

Bed bugs can appear at any time of the year and leave dark coloured stains on mattresses and furniture. They love hiding in mattress seams, seat cushions, behind headboards, in closets, and even in carpets.

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If you have a serious bed bug infestation in your home, you best call a pest control service to eradicate the problem.

If there's a risk that they'll be in your clothing and linens, set your dryer on high and instantly kill any hitchhiking critters. 

Bed bugs are a personal worst nightmare of mine and I can't even imagine the psychological trauma they create. And that's not even considering potential extensive damages to things you own! 

With bed bug sightings increasing across the country, Canadians should do their best to protect themselves from any potential infestations.

By the end of this article, you should be sufficiently skeeved out and maybe even a little itchy. I know I am. 

BRB Montreal, about to go throw my whole body in the dryer. Wish me luck. 

For more information on bed bugs and how to manage them, visit Orkin Canada's official website

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