Osehaga Won't Happen This Summer But It Isn't Officially Cancelled... Yet

All events and festivals are cancelled until August 31.
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Osehaga Won't Happen This Summer But It Isn't Officially Cancelled... Yet
  • The organizers of Osheaga 2020 have announced that as of right now, the festival will not happen as scheduled in early August.
  • The event is not cancelled at this point, as organizers continue to work on a plan during these tumultuous times.
  • As one of Montreal's favourite summer musical festivals, this is sure to be a huge disappointment, to fans and performers alike.

One of Montreal's most anticipated summer festivals, Osheaga 2020, definitely won't happen this summer, but it isn't officially cancelled just yet. Festival organizers, Evenko, made the announcement following the Quebec Government's decision that all festivals and major events in Quebec will be cancelled until August 31. Osheaga is yet another health crisis casualty in a long list of marquee festivals in Montreal. 

Evenko president Jacques Aubé said that the company is disappointed by the news but acknowledges that health and safety must remain a top priority. The company also promotes îLESONIQ and all Bell Centre events. 

"It is too early to specifically announce the status of each of our events. We want to take the time to properly think about each of them and evaluate our options," said Aubé. 

"Of course, we will do everything we can in order to minimize the impacts of this decision on all parties involved, by trying to postpone events, when possible." 

Specific information for each event will be announced in the next few days.

It's unfortunate, but Montrealers shouldn't expect any of their favourite summer festivals to happen according to schedule this year. 

Already, the Montreal Jazz Fest has been cancelled while the Just for Laughs Fest is postponed until at least September.

Public health officials recommended that all major events be cancelled or at least postponed until after August 31, 2020.

The announcement suggests that most summer festivals will be cancelled this summer. 

Osheaga ticket holders that are worried about getting a refund, know that Evenko hasn't outright cancelled the festival yet. Expectations are that Evenko will decide to postpone the event to a later date. 

On Thursday, Legault assured festival and event organizers across the province that the government will provide financial aid to companies that have had to cancel their events. 

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"Culture is important for our people," said Legault. 

"Having fun together is important for a society, it's important for our joie de vivre." 

The ongoing health crisis has created unprecedented difficulties for Quebec's cultural organizers. While it's critical to stay safe, the public will definitely be feeling the effects of a summer like no other. 

For those expecting things to go back to normal sooner rather than later, don't be optimistic. 

"It will take a certain number of months before we are able to authorize gatherings of several people," stressed the Premier. 

With the Canadian government saying that there won't be a return to normality until a vaccine against the virus is available, people should mentally prepare for a long and arduous stay-at-home summer. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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