Peeta From 'The Hunger Games' Spotted Partying In Montreal (Photos)

Does he only play games when he's hungry?
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Peeta From 'The Hunger Games' Spotted Partying In Montreal (Photos)

It seems like a new celebrity comes to Montreal every single day, doesn't it? Honestly, we should safely be able to call ourselves Hollywood North at this point. 

Montreal is a lovely place to shoot a movie or television show. What with our stunning architecture and vast resources that film producers love, Montreal is often a stand-in for many cities around the world.

There was an influx of interest in the city in the early-2000s as 42 Hollywood films were shot in Montreal between 2000 and 2010. Today, the city is still a Hollywood hub most summers! Recently, Josh Hutcherson, AKA "Peeta" from the Hunger Games film series was spotted playing a round of shuffleboard and enjoying a drink in Montreal.

Josh Hutcherson is in town shooting for the third and final season of the acclaimed Hulu series, Future ManThe series, produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, features Hutcherson in the lead role. 

Future Man is a comedy series that follows "Josh Futturman," a janitor gamer who manages to meet two of his favourite video game characters who have come to life to stop the "Biotic Wars." He's the first person to beat the video game of the same name, hence why the characters come alive. 

The series features many recurring characters and even cameos by some comedians. Future Man started shooting here a few weeks ago as it was picked up for its final season this April. 

Hutcherson was spotted at what we believe to be Barroco and perhaps Brutopia, enjoying a round of drinks and a shuffleboard game with his friends. 

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As you can see from the photo carousel below, Hutcherson was clearly at Barroco in the Old Port. That neon sign is unmistakable!

The party seemed to continue in Downtown Montreal at what appears to be the Brutopia shuffleboard table.

We could be wrong so if we are, please let us know! 

Hutcherson joins an already stacked lineup of actors and celebrities in Montreal this week. Kevin Hart was in the West Island and apparently, Samuel L. Jackson is shooting a movie in N.D.G.! Oh, and let's not forget the Just For Laughs Festival. 

Montreal paparazzi, your time is now. 

If you spot Josh Hutcherson or any huge celebrities in Montreal, (respectfully) take a photo or video and send them to @MTLBlog on Instagram!